On this week’s Big Brother 15 live eviction episode, Julie Chen talked to Dan Gheesling who said that keeping showmances in the house is a stupid decision. In the first three weeks, Aaryn and David, GinaMarie and Nick and Kaitlin and Jeremy were all broken up, then Howard and Candice got the boot. But through all of this, McCranda has been safe. Will that streak continue, or has their love come to an end.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

GinaMarie is the new HoH. She nominated Amanda and McCrae.

It’s about time. This has been in the works for a while and it’s finally here. GM is in a great position, as she’s close with Elissa and is a part of the Exterminators with Andy, Judd and Spencer. So putting up the showmance was an obvious choice.

Amanda fought quite hard to get Elissa and Judd on the block, claiming that it’s what everyone wanted, but this week she is clearly out of the loop. She’s under the impression that Andy and Spencer are on her side and will target GM for nominating her.

The best part is how good GM was at keeping a poker face, because before the nominations, Amanda was 100 percent certain Elissa and Judd would be the nominees. That’s gonna make for some great TV on Sunday, her cockiness compared to the reality of the situation.

UPDATE: In the aftermath, Amanda was confused, desperate to make sense of it. She ranted to Andy and Spencer about how GM must be working with Elissa and Judd because, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

Amanda then went to ask GM about it, trying to explain that she and McCrae had GM’s back and wasn’t coming after them (despite trying to get her nominated and evicted last week). Amanda kept talking about how Elissa is the one who nominated Nick and got rid of Aaryn. Amanda’s mantra is “It doesn’t make sense,” because she’s foolish enough to think Andy and Spencer are with her. She’s also upset that GM isn’t playing personally.

GM then explained that everyone is on their own, but McCranda are playing as a duo. Apparently she said in her speech that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae’s game, which is very true. The whole conversation is frustrating, because it’s Amanda repeatedly saying “It doesn’t make any sense” and claiming GM made a horrible game move and is gonna have the whole house coming after her. Amanda is so wrong, and it’s hilarious because everyone else in the house knows that this move makes total sense.

UPDATE #2: It looks like fireworks aren’t in store quite yet. After an hour of ranting, Amanda has calmed down and seems to accept what has happened. She’s been crying, telling McCrae that she’s ready to go and she wants him to win (Oh silly girl, you’re not the target, McCrae is!). She even admitted to McCrae that GM definitely played her. And to GM’s credit, she is being very gracious, even offering to let McCranda spend one night this week in the HoH room. So GM is playing smart and Amanda is being civil. Welcome to Opposite Day!

The real mystery now is around the Power of Veto. It’s basically Amanda vs. McCrae, as both need to win to survive. If one of them wins, the other one will almost certainly be evicted, the only question will be about who to use as the pawn (my vote goes to Spencer, just so he can get a seventh nomination under his belt).

If neither of them win and the nominations stay the same, then we could have some drama. Andy and Spencer want Amanda gone more, because then they think they could possibly work with McCrae. But there’s also talk about getting rid of McCrae first because he would be a stronger competitor without Amanda, and it would leave her weak and unstable.

There’s also the issue of who even wants to win the Power of Veto. Andy and Spencer have said that they don’t want it because they don’t want to be hounded by McCranda to use it.

If McCrae gets evicted this week, I suspect Amanda will follow, probably in the double eviction. If Amanda is evicted, then things could get interesting. I could envision the Exterminators splitting up, leaving us with GM, Elissa and Judd vs. Andy, Spencer and McCrae.

Winning competitions is very important at this point on Big Brother 15 with less than three weeks to the finale, and right now I think it’s anybody’s game. I could envision scenarios where any one of the Top 7 could win the game, which is probably the first time I’ve ever thought that.


-This is the second week in a row McCrae has been nominated, and it’s the third nomination for Amanda. However, this is the first time Amanda has ever been nominated by a fellow HG, as her first two came from America as the MVP.

-Andy, Judd and GinaMarie are the only HGs left who have only been nominated once.

-McCrae is the only HG who has never had to face an eviction vote. Amanda, McCrae, Andy and GinaMarie have never had a single vote cast against them.

-GM is only the 15th woman in the history of the game to win two HoHs in a single season (Aaryn was the 14th).

-Amanda and Spencer are still the only HGs left who have never won HoH. In the history of the game, only five people have finished in the Top 4 without ever winning ah HoH competition:

Will Kirby did it twice, in seasons 2 and 7. He’s also the only person to win the game without ever being HoH.

Michael “Cowboy” Ellis (season 5) and Memphis Garrett (season 10) both finished second without winning an HoH, so perhaps it happens every five seasons and will occur again this year.

Season 12’s Enzo Palumbo is the only third-place finalist to never win HoH.

Season 8’s Jameka finished in fourth without ever winning HoH.

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