There’s good news and bad news tonight on Big Brother 15. The good news is that all of those people who petitioned to get Aaryn out of the house are finally getting their wish as she’s nominated and certainly going to be evicted. The bad news is that, because she’s in the jury, Julie Chen probably won’t be telling her about losing her job.

Still, it’s sure to be a very awkward interview, especially since Aaryn was still doing her racist Asian voice as recently as last night. Will Julie dare to confront her on it?

We also finally get to hear Andy give a nominee speech (he’s been talking it up a lot over the past few days) and there’s a new HoH competition with a lot on the line. It’s basically the Exterminators (Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie) vs. McCranda.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

As soon as Julie starts talking, we see Andy on the screen stand up and tug on his shorts for some reason. How dare you steal focus from the Chenbot!

The Exterminators

Aaryn thinks she’s going home and Andy is freaking out a bit after being nominated, but he’s looking forward to his new plan that does NOT involve McCranda.

Despite the failure of Amanda’s master plan to torture Elissa, she’s still being a raging bitch, getting in Elissa’s face and talking about her plastic surgery. Elissa, to her credit, refuses to give Amanda to satisfaction of reacting.

Amanda then rants to everyone about how she’s the only person being mean to Elissa while everyone else is being nice to her, and it’s making her look like the bully. She’s doing a lot more than looking like a bully. She then rants about how anyone who dares to be nice to Elissa will be her target.

Amanda’s behavior is a topic of discussion for GM, Spencer, Judd and Andy as they all find her actions disgusting. They all realize that McCranda has been pulling the strings, so they decide to team up to take them down.

The Exterminators are born, a four-person alliance designed to take out snakes and rats. Well, it’s actually just a group united in their combined hatred for Amanda.

Elsewhere, Amanda gets emotional with Aaryn talking about how hard she tried to keep her safe. Um, she only tried hard to keep Andy off the block. Amanda knows Andy has been loyal to her longer, so that’s all that matters to her.

Knowing that McCranda are against her, Aaryn decides to try and woo Spencer and Judd. She tells them all about 3 A.M. and how she was only doing what was best for them. However, Aaryn has proven herself to be willing to abandon an alliance if it saves her (Jeremy and Kaitlin, 3 A.M., etc), so they don’t really want to keep her.

Aaryn changes her approach and goes back to McCranda, saying that she’s done more for them than Andy and that she’s a bigger target than Amanda. She also throws Spencer under the bus, telling Amanda that Spencer told her he’s coming after McCranda. Amanda immediately calls Spencer over to confront him, and Spencer denies it. Her points are valid and Amanda is actually considering keeping Aaryn.

Pick the Punishment

The first person or people eliminated from tonight’s HoH competition will get a punishment we get to vote for. They will have to wear a bunny or chicken suit for 48 hours. I’m already laughing. Spencer the Foul-Mouthed Easter Bunny? Amanda the Slutty Chicken? Awesome!

Julie and Dan the Man

Season 10 winner and season 14 runner-up Dan Gheesling shows up to offer his take on the game. Dan gives Amanda credit for actually playing the game, but he also thinks she’s just naturally mean and is playing the game “like a brat.”

Dan then tells us that Danielle, Ian and Frank are all friends with him, so they’ve forgiven him for the Mist. Dan also picks Judd as his favorite. He also hates showmances and is astonished McCranda are still there. He just really, REALLY hates showmances.

Showmance Update

We then get to see how famous showmances have done in the outside world. Rachel is very bubbly as always and Brendon says almost nothing. That poor man. I think he blinked “S.O.S.” in Morse code.

Rachel also says they had the first Big Brother marriage and she wants the first Big Brother babies. But hot on their trails are Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from season 13, who are also married. They are so damn cute, and Daniele’s hair has gone from blonde to black to brown. As much as I hate Brenchel is how much I love Daninic or Domiele or whatever you call these two.

Finally, Jeff and Jordan are cute and simple, as always. Jordan basically demands that Jeff put a ring on it already. Seriously, dude, it’s been four years.

Julie and the HGs

Julie asks Judd how things have changed since he was in the jury house, and he thinks it hasn’t changed at all. She then calls out Amanda on being mean to Elissa, and she claims Elissa just pushed her buttons and it’s all in the past. Elissa starts talking and you can see that Amanda wants to go off again on live TV.

Julie then calls out the HGs on being so messy. After she congratulates Spencer on NOT being nominated, he talks and then mouths off about how Julie has never asked him a question.

The Eviction

Aaryn’s speech is about how much she loves her family and the opportunity to be on the show. Andy quotes Abraham Lincoln and professes his love for Anderson Cooper. WTF?

Judd votes to evict…Aaryn (the Texas Tornado)
Spencer votes to evict…Aaryn
GinaMarie votes to evict…Aaryn (she’s really sad)
Amanda votes to evict…Aaryn
McCrae votes to evict…Aaryn

Aaryn is evicted 5-0!

This is one time where I’m NOT upset about a unanimous vote. It’s the fifth one of the season, and this also marks the ninth time McCrae has voted with the house, tying the record set by season 6 winner Maggie Ausburn.

There are some “Boos” from the audience when Aaryn comes out. Awesome. Aaryn gives the origin story of her feud with Elissa about not being told that she was Rachel’s sister.

We finally get the racism conversation and Aaryn says nothing she said was intended to be racist. Julie then reads back some of her worst comments and she claims she doesn’t even remember saying them. The audience definitely doesn’t believe her and laughs and jeers at her defense. They laugh some more when Aaryn claims she’s friends with Andy, Candice and Helen. This is just brutal.

Goodbye Messages: Elissa has nothing nice to say, so she doesn’t say anything at all.

For her final words, Aaryn starts to do some damage control and Julie ends it by saying she hopes that, when Aaryn watches this season back, she’ll see what she did wrong and start to change. I’m not sure if this was as satisfying as I’d hoped. I want to feel badly for her because she literally just walked into a room of people who hate her and take joy in watching her squirm, but she DID say those things.

The HoH Competition

The HGs must pick up an egg through a maze and maneuver it through a maze and bring it back to a basket. The first person to a dozen eggs wins. In addition, their feet are tied together, so they must hop. And whoever has the fewest eggs at the end has to wear a chicken suit for 48 hours.

See Who Wins the HoH Competition>>

Next Thursday is ANOTHER double eviction! Uh-oh, watch out Judd. Also, Julie promised a “special competition” on Sunday’s show. I’m guessing it’s a luxury comp and will most likely tie in to one of CBS’ new fall shows, or maybe a preview of the new season of Survivor, featuring Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss.

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