Big Brother 15 is about to change the game on Thursday’s live show. Not only will it feature a double eviction, but it will also mark the start of the jury. For the first time ever, nine HGs will be sequestered in the jury house to decide the winner instead of the usual seven.

Inside the house, the HGs are already getting suspicious about the double eviction, but they don’t know about the jury. There’s also a bit of mystery as Julie Chen dropped a potential clue about a big change.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The HGs were given a new game to practice Wednesday night that involves sliding a ball down a ramp to get it into receptacles. This has clued everyone in on the impending double eviction, though it’s unclear if this will be for the actual night, or just be the HoH that closes the show.

In addition, there has been some speculation, recently and back when the season began, about having a nine-person jury due to the massive amount of HGs. Some seem to think it’s a possibility, but others really don’t want it to happen because they’re making plans based on two more people NOT being in the jury. With Candice almost certainly about to be evicted, finding out she’s going to be a jury member voting in the finale is going to upset a lot of people. It’s probably safe to assume Aaryn, GinaMarie and Amanda will NOT get her vote.

But is Candice definitely going? On Wednesday Julie Chen sent out a very cryptic tweet that could foreshadow a way to save her. Here’s the tweet:

“Look what I found in the office today! Do you think it’s just an old prop or should you… #ExpecttheUnexpected”

She then linked to a photo of the Reset button from last season, the one the coaches pushed to enter the game, thus sparing Frank from eviction.

bb15resetquestion.jpgDoes this mean the HGs will be given the opportunity to hit the Reset button, potentially to decide to end the MVP twist? And if they do, will that mean no one will go home this week, thus saving Candice, the obvious target?

Maybe. I would imagine they would make the offer to everyone in the house: Reset the game, end the MVP twist and spare all of the nominees, or keep everything the same and proceed with the vote. If they only need one person to Reset, it’s safe to assume it will happen. But what if they need more than one, or more than half? Could there be six people who would push it? Jessie, Candice and Elissa certainly would, and maybe even Spencer (even though he won’t get evicted, why take the risk since he’s nominated).

Amanda and McCrae could make the same decision, opting to save Candice rather than risk a potential house flip with Amanda going home. Also, since Amanda has been the MVP nominee for the past two weeks, she may really want to get rid of it.

This is all crazy speculation. It’s possible Julie Chen is just messing with us. I mean, if they Reset the game, then Thursday’s show won’t really be a double eviction since only one person would be voted out. However, I can definitely see it happening. After all, with all of the racist comments and the show poised to evict a second black HG in a row (and by the two most notoriously racist HGs as HoH), a Reset button could let the producers intervene to save her and spare themselves the uncomfortable P.R. reality of Aaryn and GM getting rid of Howard and Candice.

What do you think? Do you hope there’s a Reset? Who do you want to see become the first members of the jury in the double eviction? And will someone have a panic attack or total meltdown on this action-packed live show?

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