It’s the finale of Big Brother 14 Wednesday night at 9:30pm on CBS, and to celebrate the final three houseguests showed up on The Talk with Julie Chen where they chatted all about coming to the end.

The segment aired Wednesday morning, though it was actually filmed Tuesday. The ladies of The Talk were cozy in their Big Brother Snuggies and asked the HGs a few select questions.

It was a quick segment without much fanfare, but there were two things worth noting. First was the wonderful look of death Danielle Murphree shot at Dan Gheesling after she talked about the shock of Shane Meaney’s eviction.

Second was Dan, who was clearly preparing for his final speech to the jury by turning on the charm and trying to use his powerful Mist on the group of women. Dan tried to downplay being called a “master” of the game, mostly because he wants to appear humble. The truth is that Dan truly wants to win and thinks he deserves it, but he’s definitely going out of his way not to act too cocky. He shies away from being called a master and seems to squirm every time anyone brings up the fact that he won the game before.

This is certainly a great preview of what fans can expect Wednesday night. Dan knows winning the game AGAIN is an uphill battle and he knows that the fact that he already won half a million dollars is one of the biggest strikes against him.

Will Dna’s humble routine work? Can he convince the jury to give him another win? Or will a season’s worth of lying and ruthless manipulation catch up with him?

Find out when the winner of Big Brother 14 is crowned Wednesday night at 9:30pm following the premiere of Survivor: Philippines.

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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