Last Friday on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra brought the dead to the land of the living by way of a zombie photo shoot. As the model with the most life out of the other zombies, Destiny tearfully made her way out of the competition. Claiming the identity as more of a “Bambi” than a “Barbie,” Destiny’s unique look will be missed on the show.

From the very beginning, Destiny was very open with America and her fans. We were welcomed into her life as she explained her home situation, dealing with hardships and stressing the urgency of needing the title of America’s Next Top Model. So, now that she’s been eliminated, what’s in store for Destiny?

I was given the chance to ask Destiny some “final exam” questions after seeing her progression on the show. I would like to take this time to thank her for her generous answers.

Name: Destiny Nicole Strudwick

College Attended: Aveda Institute Columbus

Do you feel you represented your school well? What has the reaction been to your appearance on the show?

I believe I represented the school well. It’s a chain cosmetology school so there’s not a ton of things I could have done wrong besides maybe dye Victoria’s hair red. That would have looked weird, I think.

Which previous models and/or challenges inspired you to tryout for ANTM?

I’ve always wanted to try out for ANTM. I remember sitting in my 6th grade Algebra class with my good friend at the time, Abby, and we made a vow that when we both turned 18, we’d try out together.

What do you feel your strengths were, going into the competition?

I thought that my strengths were mainly “my story,” which was also my downfall. I hated being the girl with a story like that and telling so many people about it. I almost regret saying anything, but it was the truth.

The show has undergone tons of changes for this College Edition. Is there any aspect of the previous make-up that you feel you missed out on?

I think it would have been really cool to work with Nigel Barker and the Jays. Those guys had been with the show for so many years, and I grew up watching them. When the new judges were announced, I recognized Kelly Cutrone from The Hills, which was cool. She is one of the most respectable new judges (additions to the show?), but I was definitely excited to see the old judges.

How do you feel about the newly incorporated social media aspect of ANTM?

I think that the social media aspect of the show is interesting, but I am not sure how well it has worked. Most of the USA thinks of beauty as Barbie, and I am more of a Bambi…only little kids would vote for me!

Was there any part of the process you weren’t ready for prior to trying out?

I wasn’t ready for most of it. On the first panel, that’s why I walk out and start crying automatically. I was shocked and confused. It was a beautiful yet very stressful feeling. I think I’ve cried more doing ANTM then I have in my whole life. I don’t really think anyone was prepared for the psychological punch in the face they were getting.

How has this experience changed your personal/professional life?

Well, as they showed in the show, when I finally went home, my lease was up and I had nowhere to go so I had to stay with my boyfriend – even now I am staying with a friend. On the plus side, I’m in Chicago and am managing to build an awesome portfolio. So many photographers want to work with me mainly so they can say they’ve worked with someone from ANTM (which makes me laugh) but I don’t mind. They think they can use me, so we use each other in that sense. It’s all my friends talk about. When my boyfriend’s friend comes over he says “whats up, America’s next top black chick?” which I think is funny.

What are your aspirations as a model?

Right now I’m going to start out small with building my portfolio and seeing how far I can go with that and keep going. If I learned anything from ANTM, it’s “try it – Whatever you think is impossible is possible.” It is a beautiful thing.

Who do you believe is the strongest of the remaining models?

I would say Kiara is the “strongest” of all models because she will do whatever it takes and has a very strong face. I think that Leila also has something very special. They are very different sort of models and looks though.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

Jilliane Johnson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV