The finale of Big Brother 14 airs Wednesday, September 19 at 9:30pm on CBS, and one of three HGs will win half a million dollars. Will it be Ian Terry, nerdy super fan who could become the youngest winner ever? Or will it be Danielle Murphree, the crying nurse pretending to be a kindergarten teacher even though no one believed her? Or will season 10 winner Dan Gheesling win the game for a second time?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Dan won part 1 of the final HoH competition and Ian won part 2. They’ve made it clear on the live feeds that Dan is probably going to try and throw the last part because he doesn’t think he can beat Danielle and Ian will take him over her.

In other words, the odds of Danielle even making it to the finale are slim to none. It’s definitely looking like an Ian vs. Dan finale, but who has the advantage?

First, let’s look at the pros and cons of these two men.

Dan’s Pros: He made huge game moves like his own funeral and getting Danielle to use the final Power of Veto on him to evict Shane. These were moves everyone thought impossible, yet he pulled them off. He also had a huge target on his back as a former winner, yet still made his way to the end.

Dan’s Cons: He lied. A lot. He swore on his wife Chelsea and the Bible, then broke those promises. He has also won the game before. If the jury is compelled to vote emotionally, he will have a hard time winning.

Ian’s Pros: If he wins the last competition, he will have six wins, including four HoH reigns in a row at the end. He formed the Quack Pack and he was responsible for getting Mike Boogie out of the house.

Ian’s Cons: He’s a bit of a social outcast, an odd duck who didn’t make the kind of tight personal connections Dan did. He’s also a young kid and some jurors may hold his youth against him.

Now let’s look at the seven jury members in this scenario to see how they will vote.

Danielle: She will always vote for Dan. Even after the many times he’s screwed her over, she is 100 percent devoted to him.

Shane: Sure, Dan screwed him over, but Danielle says she will convince him to vote for Dan to win. I’m not sure she has the influence over him that she thinks she does, but it might just work.

Britney: She respects Dan’s game a lot and might be tempted to give him the win, but she also really liked Ian. This will be a hard call, but as much as she loves Ian, I think she’d rather see another coach win.

Jenn: She pretty much hates Ian and kind of likes Dan. I see her voting for Dan to win because he made the biggest moves.

Ashley: She’s a wildcard, but I think the fact that she actually talked to Ian gives him the advantage. I’m pretty sure Dan never said two words to her the entire time she was in the house, so she won’t want to vote for him.

Joe: He’s a bit of a wildcard too. He took his eviction well and might honor Dan’s game, but I think he’ll be reticent to give Dan another half million dollars, so I think he goes for Ian.

Frank: He hates Ian and Dan equally. But Ian only betrayed him once while Dan did it multiple times. I think Frank’s bitterness will prevent him from ever voting for Dan to win, so he goes for Ian.

This is a hard one to predict, but I think Dan will win 4-3. But the hard truth is that Ian and Dan each have compelling cases to make, and the jury could sway either way. It’s exciting because I genuinely don’t know which way it will go. Last season, as soon as Rachel won the final HoH, it was a foregone conclusion that she would win. But neither Ian nor Dan are as passive as Porsche was. Both made big moves, both won competitions, both have close friends in the jury and both made huge enemies.

As long as Danielle doesn’t spoil things by making it to the finale, this could be one of the tightest Big Brother finales ever.

Find out who wins Big Brother 14 during the live finale Wednesday, September 19 at 9:30pm on CBS.

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