Danielle won the most recent HoH on Big Brother 14, but all that does is keep her safe. The real prize is the final Power of Veto competition which decides who gets to decide who gets evicted.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle nominated Dan and Ian.

Danielle won the Power of Veto.

Well, that’s certainly unexpected. This is the second time Danielle has won HoH and PoV in the same week (a feat no one else has ever done). This is only the third time the final 4 HoH winner has also won the PoV (it happened with Ryan in season 9 and Hayden in season 12).

Will Danielle keep her nominations the same and leave Shane with the single vote? Or will she change things up and save Dan? Saving Dan at this point might look a little sketchy, so my guess is that she keeps things the same.

In that case, it’s a safe bet Shane will vote to evict Ian. That would be disappointing, but if it happens, I bet there will be a slew of votes for him to win America’s Choice and take home $25,000.

It does mean that either Shane or Danielle will definitely be in the final two, which is a scary thought because, despite winning a combined 10 competitions, I don’t think either has played a particularly good game. Shane is too simple, doing whatever people tell him to do, and Danielle is more concerned with whether America thinks she’s a stalker and whether Shane likes her than she is about the game.

The win does help a bit in the massive gender disparity of the season as this brings the women up to five wins overall, or 20 percent of the competitions.

Find out whether Danielle uses the Power of Veto and who gets evicted on Thursday’s live eviction episode.

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