You know how Abby works — every week counts more then the last, and this week’s National competition is no exception. This is what the girls have been working towards for the entire season, and even though they are up against countless other dance companies, the only one that they really want to beat are Cathy’s bad apples. Every competition is do or die for Abby, so can you imagine how she will be for the grand finale of all competitions? I fear for these girls and the Dance Moms, I really do. What kind of routine will Abby bring to the table? Who will have solos? Let’s jump right into tonight’s season finale and find out!

Who Will Go Solo?

The big question for the Moms is who will get the prized solo positions in Nationals, and as you’d expect it stirs up all kinds of trouble. However, this time Abby really initiates it as she puts the moms in the choreographer position and makes them choose whoever they think deserves a solo the most. Seriously? What mom wouldn’t pick her own daughter? I’m not sure how this is going to get them any closer to choosing a dancer for the solo, but the final contestants end up being Chloe, Kendall and Nia because of course Maddie and Brooke already secured their spots right off the bat with Abby. And who gets the final solo? Let’s all say it together … Chloe! I can’t say I’m upset, I do love Nia but Chloe really does deserve it after all the time and effort she has put into her dancing career. Let’s just hope she lives up to Abby’s expectations and gives the Apples a run for their money!

A Clean Sweep

In a leap of faith, Abby brings a dark yet truthful routine to the competition that features a “don’t text and drive” theme. The girls end up injured and bloody by the time the number is finished, but it left the entire audience speechless — even Cathy. It may have been more edgy then people expected, but it was truly a spectacular piece. I can’t say the same for the Apples whose routine wasn’t anything special, and I think Cathy knew it as soon as Abby’s number began. Clearly the judges enjoyed it as much as the audience because the ALDC took first place overall in the competition!

As far as the soloists go, Chloe gave the performance of a lifetime and won the overall Jr. Miss Energy and first place in her age division. Yes, that means Maddie came in second! Shocking, I know, but I’m actually very happy for Chloe. Brooke knocked out the competition in her division too as she took first for her age group! It was a great day for the ALDC and I think these girls deserve one major celebration for all of their hard work. Even though Brooke did so well, it is unfortunate that is looks like Kelly is seriously considering leaving the company because of all of her spats with Abby. Although, somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Kelly…

Next week we get to see the first ever Dance Moms reunion! I can’t wait to see the moms go face-to-face with Abby and Cathy to confront them about all the drama that happened this past season. Tune in next week for all of the Dance Moms drama!

Kathryn MacDougall
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Kathryn MacDougall

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