The Power of Veto is more important than ever on Big Brother 14. In 11 seasons, the Power of Veto has been used eight times at this point. Will this mark the ninth, or will the nominations stand?

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Final 5 Power of Veto?

Ian Is the HoH and he nominated Jenn and Shane.

Shane won the Power of Veto!

That seals Jenn’s fate. Shane will most likely save himself, Danielle will probably be the replacement nominee and Jenn will be evicted 2-0. I suppose there’s a very, very small chance Shane pulls a Marcellas, doesn’t use it, then gets evicted for his stupidity (though even then he’d probably stay). A huge move would be to nominate Dan and convince Shane or Danielle to vote him out, but that won’t happen because Ian is completely devoted to his Renegades 2.0 final two deal with Dan.

It sounds like the competition was similar to one from season 10 with Planet Veto where the HGs were harnessed on zip lines and went back and forth across two platforms to collect puzzle pieces and put it together.

The victory puts Shane at six competition wins overall, tying with Frank and Rachel Reilly for third overall (behind Janelle’s nine and Daniele Donato’s seven). He also ties James Rhine from season 6 with four Power of Veto wins, one behind the record of five set by Janelle and Daniele Donato. In fact, this is the first time since season 8 that someone has won four PoVs in a single season.

Since Shane is eligible for two more HoHs and one more PoV, he could theoretically tie Janelle’s all-time record of nine wins.

This also keeps the trend of male domination alive and well. Thus far this season men have won 20 of the HoH and PoV competitions while women have only won three.

Even worse, Ian, Frank, and Shane have a complete stranglehold over competitions. Of the 23 competitions played so far, those three have won 17 of them. Nearly 74 percent of all comps have been won by just three people.

The live feeds for the next week and a half promise to be rather dull. Dan, Danielle, and Shane have started playing lots and lots of rummy, which is as uninteresting to watch as you think it is. The highlight of Saturday is that, during Big Brother: After Dark, Dan is planning to give Ian the Pepsi Challenge, where he blindfolds Ian and sees if he can tell Diet Pepsi from Diet Coke. Other great moments in recent live feed history include Shane building a five-story house of cards and lots of conversations about cereal.

How do you feel about the almost-guaranteed Quack Pack final four? And do Danielle or Shane have any chance of actually winning the game, or are they both simply playing for second?

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