There are a lot of variables going on inside the Big Brother 14 house. There are the teams, the Coaches Competition, the Power of Veto and countless other minefields to step on. Sadly for Shane, I’m not sure he’s mentally equipped to handle such pressure, and I don’t have much faith that Britney is a skilled enough player to offer much guidance. Still, I doubt they can screw things up too badly.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane nominated Ashley and Joe for eviction.

Originally Shane wanted Wil instead of Joe, but Janelle won the Coaches Competition and gave Wil immunity, knowing he was in danger.

Also it looked like Shane was going to nominate Frank and Joe, but it seems some last-minute campaigning from Boogie and Frank got to Shane. Their pitch (that if Ashley won PoV and saved Joe, then Frank would go home) must’ve scared Shane.

By nominating the two remaining people on Janelle’s team, Shane has made it abundantly clear that he’s aligned with Boogie and Frank. In fact, Shane’s alleged Final 2 partner, Danielle, isn’t happy about these nominations. Probably because it takes away her power to decide who goes home.

This sort of feels like another sign of how stupid Shane is at this game. If one of them wins the Power of Veto, Shane HAS to nominate someone from Boogie’s team, and there’s a chance Danielle could turn to Janelle’s team and team up to evict the replacement nominee.

And making it SO obvious that Shane is working with Frank and Boogie only puts a bigger target on his back. Of course after all his competition wins, Shane literally thinks he can beat everyone at any competition, so he’s not a big believer in strategy.

But to play Devil’s advocate, this might work out OK. Janelle’s team has not proven themselves in competitions at all, and they seem much closer to one another than Boogie’s team does. plitting up Janelle’s team is important because they are a solid unit, but Boogie’s team isn’t so close. Heck, while campaigning before the nominations, Ian and Jenn went upstairs to talk to Shane and Britney BY THEMSELVES, while Frank went upstairs with Boogie. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about that team, nothing will.

Will Shane win an impressive third straight PoV competition (only one person in Big Brother history has won three consecutive PoVs, season 9’s Crazy James)? Or will someone from Janelle’s team step up, win, and put a monkey wrench in Shane’s plan to get rid of Joe?

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