They came, they drank, they catfought.

In fact, so much “newbies vs. alumni” and “mean girls vs. Blakeley” and “Erica Rose vs. everyone” drama happened on the premiere of Bachelor Pad season 3 that it couldn’t all fit into the two-hour episode! Check out two deleted scenes from Monday’s introductory episode, plus the all-sorts-of-dramatic preview for the rest of the season:

Deleted Scene 1: Joke Gone Wrong

As a token of his appreciation — for what, coming in second in the competition? — Reid sets up a dinner date for him and Paige. Who besides Reid is thoughtful enough to do that? If I were him, I’d still be pissed we lost the competition! To two fans? Even worse. Reid is left rethinking his decision in Paige as a partner after she tells the worst joke in the world. It makes me irrationally angry at how terrible the joke is. See for yourself:

Watching the clip, I think I’m realizing I’m way more bummed out over Paige leaving than I care to admit. How cute are these two? Seriously? I’d rather see two genuinely nice people sucking face than two obnoxious ones. And only on a show like Bachelor Pad, which celebrates its sleaziness, is a woman kept over another because she’s nice to look at. I believe those were Stags’ words. You’d rather have a nice view instead of someone whom you can bet won’t stab you in the back?

Deleted Scene Two: The Drama Begins

You know what would be more fun than Stags returning to the show? If Stags narrated the episodes, or you had little Stags thought bubbles coming out, especially when the camera does a closeup on him. “Blakeley must be amazing at her job, her eyebrows are plucked and waxed to perfection. Side note, I’m regretting coming back on Bachelor Pad.”

The most telling thing about this clip is how Blakeley manages to flip what Jaclyn was saying around so it goes from Blakeley not attacking Jamie to Blakeley not trusting Jaclyn. Seriously, it was brilliant. And skillful. I’m going to take notes on Blakeley’s methods, should I ever consciously decide to be a terrible person.

Ladies’ Man

It’s no surprise that Chris is the first guy to make a move in the house, but it seems like he’s going to make MANY moves. He said in a preview clip that he trades two girls for a third … and got all giggly over it. Whatever though, he’s still heartbroken over Emily! Is hooking up with all these girls really going to help his healing process or is he going to feel even worse — especially with Blakeley breathing down his neck? He better watch it because if he’s breaking hearts left and right, that’s one huge reason for the women to vote him out!

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