It’s always interesting to see what happens when the power shifts on Big Brother 14. Last week was mildly interesting since Frank went from being nominated to being HoH, but since he’d already formed a super alliance between Boogie and Janelle’s teams, he was already in power. But this week, Shane went from being the number one target for nearly everyone left in the house to sitting pretty in the HoH room.

And Thursday night’s Big Brother After Dark was full of exciting twists and shifting alliances.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details from the Big Brother 14 live feeds.

Here’s what you need to know about where people’s heads are at.

Shane has made it clear to Danielle that she is 100 percent safe this week. The two even struck a Final 2 deal and shook on it in the HoH room. As Britney said to Dan, it’s like their children are dating.

Shane’s original plan was to put up Wil and Joe with the target being Wil. But Britney and Danielle were able to convince him that, in order for Danielle to have all the power as the swing vote, it’s best to nominate one person from Janelle’s team and one person from Frank’s team.

They basically decided that they’d be happy if Frank, Ian, Wil or Joe went home, depending on the Coaches Competition and Power of Veto results. Sure, last week Shane made a deal with Frank not to put him up, but the two girls have already talked him out of that.

You see, Shane isn’t very bright. Sure, he’s insanely good-looking (Showtime 2 viewers got a nice long scene of him folding laundry without his shirt on while strategizing), but he’s easily manipulated. He’s admitted that he never actually watched Big Brother before and doesn’t understand the game. He’s token eye candy for this season.

Danielle, on the other hand, is proving to be smarter than the average HG. Sure, she annoyed the crap out of me when she cried about Dan letting her play the game on her own (her co-dependency with him is still a problem), but she is smart enough to see what she needs to do.

My favorite moment from Thursday’s Big Brother After Dark came when Dan and Danielle were rehashing their deal with Shane and Britney. Shane’s primary target was Wil because he was sure Wil was coming after him. “Why does Shane think Wil hates him?” Dan asked. “Because he does,” Danielle responded.

Danielle knows that Wil can’t stand Shane and would definitely target him, while Frank probably wouldn’t go after Shane if he won next week. But she also knows Wil WON’T nominate her and Frank probably would, so Danielle is playing Shane to get out HER biggest threat, not his. It’s a bit like the last season of The Walking Dead when Lori was whispering in Rick’s ear about how Shane was a big problem, and then Rick killed him.

So while Shane and Danielle were solidifying their alliance and their plan to possibly evict Frank, Boogie’s entire team was basically asleep at the wheel. That left Janelle’s team to scramble.

Janelle, who is an emotionless robot, immediately told Joe and Wil to throw Frank under the bus as hard as they possibly could. That woman will turn on you faster than a venomous cobra. While Joe and Wil know they’re targets, they also realize that if they can get someone from Boogie’s team nominated alongside them, they can get the votes to stay because they think they have Danielle in their back pocket.

How will everything unfold? The Coaches Competition and the Power of Veto will certainly shake things up, but right now it seems that Frank is the biggest target, followed by Wil, Ian and Joe. After the first three people sent home were girls (not counting Willie, who got expelled), it’s nice that a guy will finally be going home.

Equally fun will be next week. Everyone is planning for next week, with Shane trying to figure out how he’ll stay safe. But with the possibility of some or all of the coaches entering the game, no deals from this week will matter.

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