Big Brother 14 brought back four of the most memorable players of all-time to serve as coaches and then players this season. But now, for the fifth Power of Veto competition, another Big Brother star more famous and beloved than all four of them combined came back.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.


bb14week5povspoil-zing.jpgThat’s right, the Zingbot is back in the house! Viewers on the live feeds caught a brief glimpse of him before the feeds were turned off for the Power of Veto competition. Wednesday’s episode is bound to be the best of the season. There will definitely be jokes about Shane and Danielle’s showmance, Joe’s cooking and, hopefully, Ashley’s incredibly stupidity.

Everyone loved Danielle’s Zing the best, except for her. Apparently the Zingbot said that Shane has a present for her after they leave the house…a restraining order! Ouch.

Anyway, onto the results, which hardly mater when compared to the sheer awesomeness of the Zingbot’s triumphant return. Frank nominated Wil and Joe.

Frank won the Power of Veto.

Jenn, Ashley and Boogie were chosen to play, and Shane had his Veto Ticket from last week. The competition was a puzzle that included geometry, hence Shane and Ashley’s failure to win.

So for the third week in a row, the HoH also wins the PoV. This marks Frank’s third competition win and continues to utter domination of a small handful of players this season.

It also means things are going to go quite smoothly this week. While Joe may have been the original target, now things have flipped and everyone wants Wil out because he seems to be a bigger threat. So unless something big happens, the nominations will stay the same and Wil will get evicted.

I’m excited to see the Zingbot, but something needs to shake up the power structure in the house. The fact that we’re in week 5 and seven of the HGs haven’t won anything (and Boogie only has one Coaches Competition victory) makes for an embarrassing season. Are Frank. Shane and Danielle the only people capable of victory? Wil has competed in every single competition (five HoHs And five PoVs) and hasn’t won anything. That’s Shelly Moore-level ineptitude.

What do you think? Is Big Brother 14 shaping up to be a total snoozefest, or do you think something crazy might happen to shake things up?

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