For the first time all season on Big Brother 14, there’s an actual competition to decide who the Have-Nots for the week are. And also for the first time, the former coaches are eligible. So who’s on Slop for the week and what food did America choose for them?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane, Britney, Danielle and Joe are Have-Nots.

The Have-Not food is Candy Canes and Cod.

This marks Shane’s third time as a Have-Not and Danielle and Joe’s second time. And for the second time in a row, the food America chose includes a fish, which is a good deal for the Have-Nots.

There were two teams and two HGs from each team dressed up like lemons and had to absorb juice (so it’s probably similar to the Space Cow competition from last season).  Ashley has been suffering from severe back pain lately, so she didn’t compete and it sounds like Jenn didn’t either, so the winning team was Dan, Boogie, Wil and Ian.

Britney and Danielle wore the costumes and Britney is VERY angry with Joe for the way he acted in the competition. Bteween Joe being the odd man out with the eviction vote and now being a Have-Not, he’s gonna be madder than a rooster in a hen house full of hens wearing chastity belts. That sounds like something he’d say, right? Just imagine it LOUDER.

But this is all prelude to the day’s big event as Frank will nominate two players for eviction. Joe still seems to be a target in everyone’s mind, though Frank and Boogie have also tossed around the ideas of getting rid of Wil first (he’s very shady and evaded answering questions) or maybe even backdooring Dan (which probably won’t happen as it’s too early for that kind of major move). The real question is who will be the pawn sitting next to Joe and whether the Silent Six will stick together, seeing as how no big alliance has seemed to last more than a week in this house.

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