For the second time in Big Brother 14, Frank is the HoH. Things were easy for him the last time because Boogie and Janelle’s teams were united, leaving Shane, JoJo and Danielle as the only targets. What did he do this time?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Frank nominated Joe and Wil.

Which one is the target? It’s too soon to tell. Originally everyone wanted Joe out because he’s untrustworthy in the game and, on a personal level, he cooks all the food and people are getting upset at how much meat he wastes. Joe is also who the Silent Six originally agreed on targeting.

But now Frank is reconsidering his options because he realizes Joe is a waste of an HoH (he’s easy to get out any time they want) while Wil is sneaky and shady. Wil is also starting to sniff out the Silent Six alliance, which makes him unpredictable and dangerous (and far more likely to win a competition than Joe). So Frank nominated two people whose eviction wouldn’t bother him.

For now, Frank seems to be telling both of them that they are the pawn and the other is the target. I suspect the Power of Veto competition will clarify things, but realistically, it could go either way at this point. The Silent Six all seem to think Wil and Joe need to be the next two to go, so it’s just a matter of who goes when.

There’s also an outside chance that Frank might backdoor a major threat, like Dan, but Boogie is smart enough to know that it’s too soon to turn on the Silent Six because, if they do it, then no one will ever trust them again and they’ll have a ton of powerful players after them.

As for a fun side note, Shane, the total idiot that he is, has actually been volunteering himself as a nominee to throw the rest of the house off the scent of the Silent Six. He’s done this twice, even after Britney caught him and scolded him, saying that you should NEVER volunteer yourself as a pawn. It’s also idiotic because he has the Veto Ticket, so if he’s not nominated, that means there will be seven people playing and Joe and Wil’s chances of winning the PoV go down.

But Shane doesn’t know any of this, because he knows NOTHING about Big Brother. I feel bad for people like Britney, Dan, Boogie, Frank and Ian who have to talk to him like he’s a second-grader every time they talk game with him. They should not cast people who are unfamiliar with the show.

Who would you rather see go home, Joe or Wil? Or do you think Frank should pull a huge move and try to backdoor someone from his own alliance?

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