With news that the coaches may enter the game as players next week on Big Brother 14, this may be the final Coaches Competition of the season. Thus far Boogie has dominated the game, though technically Janelle won last week (but only because Britney and Boogie were DQed and Dan was trying to lose).

So which coach has the power this week and who’s safe?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Janelle won the Coaches Competition and she gave Wil immunity. She had the option to trade once again, but declined it. Of course she did, is this show really stupid enough to think that, after all the time the coaches have put into their players, that they would suddenly trade one? That’s just bad planning on the production side.

This clearly sucks for Shane since Wil was his number one target. That basically leaves Joe, Frank and Ian, because Shane wouldn’t waste his HoH on Ashley or Jenn and he already made a Final 2 deal with Danielle. For the moment it sounds like it could be Frank and Joe, though Shane and Britney could probably fall on whatever side is best for them later in the week.

It also makes the Power of Veto a lot more important, because if one of those three guys wins it (or if someone on one of their teams wins it and uses it on them), Shane’s list of potential nominees will shrink radically. Britney is smart enough not to waste time making deals before the Power of Vet because she knows that could change everything.

Now is also the point where the coaches start campaigning for things they were campaigning AGAINST week or two ago. For instance, Janelle could’ve easily sent Frank home in week 1, but she kept him, although now all she can talk about is getting rid of him. Similarly, last week Britney’s claims that Danielle should’ve gone home to get rid of Dan fell on deaf ears, but now Boogie is trying to make the EXACT SAME argument to her. So last week it was a bad idea, but now it’s a great idea? Funny how that works.

As for Have-Nots, it seems Britney got to pick them (not sure how or why) and she went with Joe, Ian and someone else. Sorry Ian, but when you tell Julie Chen on the first live show that you could be a Have-Not for all 75 days, that’s kind of an open invitation for people to give it to you every week. But Ian also won $3,000 somehow from the Coaches Competition, so obviously there were multiple prizes/rewards/punishments that the coaches probably got to split up.

And America is definitely way too nice this season, because the Have-Not food for the week is Cereal and Salmon. Seriously, America? Maybe the producers should stop including such pleasant options if the vote is always gonna be this good.Perhaps next week they’ll get Caviar and Creme Brule. Or Filet Mignon and French Vanilla Ice Cream. Or Lobster Tail and Linguini.

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