Saturday was the first day of the 2012 London Olympics, but it was also the start of some wildly insane times inside the Big Brother 14 house as Wil celebrated his birthday. The night involved skimpy costumes, streaking by two guys, body shots and a salacious game of Spin the Bottle which resulted in Ashley kissing three different men, all from the same team. It’s the kind of fun-filled night that makes watching Big Brother After Dark totally worth it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details from the Big Brother 14 live feeds.

It all took place just in time for Showtime 2’s Big Brother After Dark. For the first hour six of the HGs (the four coaches plus Danielle and Shane) were outside for a sophisticated sushi party (a prize from this week’s Coaches Competition).

But inside was where the magic happened. Wil, drunk on wine to celebrate his birthday, wore a sea captain’s hat with a blazer and a speedo. And that’s ALL he was wearing. Ashley was dressed like some funky hip-hop clown with rainbow suspenders, Jenn was dressed as a circus emcee and Ian decided to strip down to his boxers. Here are some photos to better illustrate the ridiculousness.

wilbdaywilash.jpgThen things got really weird. Here’s a rundown of the night of debauchery that made The Hangover look like a night at the opera. All times are in PT.

9:50pm: The sushi party ends and the coaches, Shane and Danielle enter the house to see the wild, drunken party going on inside.

9:51pm: A very drunk Janelle takes a piece of cake she got from the sushi party and smears it on Wil, getting involved in a cake fight that results in plenty of cake on the ground.

9:52pm: Janelle takes a chunk of cake and forces it into Ian’s mouth, a violation of the rules as he is a Have-Not for the week. She also stuffs some cake down his boxers. He immediately spits the cake out and runs to the faucet to wash it out.

 9:59pm: Wil begins doing shots of wine and breakdancing to loud cheers.

10:04pm: An increasingly drunk Janelle attempts to pour Wil a shot of wine, but spills it on the counter. The rest of the HGs immediately chant “Suck it up! Suck it up!” Wil does this, and Janelle sucks it up as well.

10:07pm: Wil does another shot o wine as everyone else chants “JODI! JODI!” in honor of the HG who was sent home on the first day.

10:08pm: Janelle crams an entire long lemon roll into her mouth while the HGs chant “In your mouth! In your mouth!” Wil refers to this as “the most dangerous blow job in town.”

10:09pm: Janelle does a shot off Wil’s stomach after he lays on the kitchen counter.

10:10pm: Ian streaks from the bathroom to the bedrooms. He covers his genitals with a cowboy hat, though his butt is fully exposed on TV. It’s the same thing he did the first week in the house, only the live feeds weren’t on back then. At one point the camera creepily zooms in on a side view of the hat covering his genitals.

10:11pm: The wine is finished so Wil suggests playing Spin the Bottle. Janelle spins first and it lands on Jenn. She gives her a little peck and everyone is a little sad that’s all she did.

10:12pm: Boogie spins the bottle next and it lands between Shane and Ashley. Shane refuses, then Boogie leans over the counter and does some serious making out with Ashley. Like, it’s some major face-suckage. Check it out for yourself.

bb14boogieashgif.gif10:13pm: Britney spins the bottle and it also lands on Ashley. But she only gives Ashley a kiss on the cheek.

10:13pm: Shane is the next victim of Spin the Bottle. Everybody immediately leaves the table and pushes Danielle over so it will land on her. It does and Janelle and Wil literally push her to him before they share an awkward first kiss. It seems this showmance is officially on.

10:14pm: Frank spins the bottle and it lands on Jenn. They have a cute, quick kiss on the lips.

10:14pm: Ian spins the bottle and Dan stops it and points it at Ashley. The two share an awkward first kiss not dissimilar to that of Shane and Danielle. It’s made more awkward by the fact that Boogie just had his tongue down her throat.

10:16pm: It’s finally the birthday boy’s time. Wil spins the bottle and it lands on himself. Taking pity on him, Boogie gives him a kiss on the cheek.

10:23pm: As things wind down, Danielle goes to the bathroom with Janelle and Britney, glowing over her first kiss with Shane. She obviously liked it and describes it as “a little too short.”

10:24pm: Ashley joins the girls in the bathroom to discuss her kiss with Boogie and how “I did not think that any tongue was gonna come into play.”

10:25pm: Regarding kissing Boogie and Ian, Ashley admits that “I would have rather made out with Frank.” That was a mistake as the other girls pounce on this and immediately tell everyone. They force Frank to kiss her, thus making him the third guy she’s kissed on the lips in under 15 minutes.

10:28pm: Just as things are settling down, Boogie comes out with another bottle of wine. The girls (minus Jenn) do shots and then Boogie pours them more shots.

10:31pm: Danielle spills some win while pouring a shot and sucks it up.

10:33pm: Coach Dan finally has enough and pulls Danielle away from the wine shots like a protective father.

10:34pm: The HGs finally realize the backyard is open, so the party moves outside.

10:36pm: The HGs form a tunnel in the backyard for Wil to streak through on his way to skinny dip in the pool. Wil gets naked, covers his genitals with his captain’s hat, and runs through the yard and jumps into the pool.

10:37pm: Ian smokes a cigarette and everyone is in awe that the nerdy, sweet kid is being so bad.

10:38pm: Britney and Danielle go upstairs to talk. Danielle is upset Dan pulled her away from the fun and she thinks Shane doesn’t want to kiss her again because he didn’t like it. Britney tries to explain that Shane and Dan just want to play it off as a joke because they don’t want everyone to know about their Final 2 deal. Drunk Danielle is such a cliche, whining about whether or not the boy she likes cares about her.

Things quiet down after that. Britney and Danielle continued to talk about showmance drama, Wil changed into regular clothes and the rest of the HGs calmed down outside.

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