It’s been a chaotic week in the Big Brother 14 house, and it’s all been leading to this. Kara and Frank are on the block and the house has flip-flopped all week on who to evict. Tonight we’ll see the total crap-storm that occurred this week thanks to Willie’s paranoia, the first eviction and a new HoH competition.

Julie Chen promises an explosive live episode in which the HGs turn against the coaches. I wish that was true, but really, it’s not.

After the nominations, Frank comes up to Willie and says he trusts Willie more than anyone else in the house (which is total B.S.). Willie says Frank just needs to shut up, stop campaigning and trust that Willie will get the votes.

Britney and Janelle’s teams meet up to debate who to evict. Their primary argument against Kara is that Dan can’t be trusted. But it’s Janelle who’s being shady because she runs off to Dan to shore up his support in case Kara goes home by complaining about how stupid it is to keep Frank.

Britney notices that the coaches have key holes next to their pictures on the Memory Wall, making her believe the coaches will enter the game as players. She tells this to Willie and that’s how paranoia begins.

So the next day Willie calls a house meeting WITHOUT the coaches. That’s when Willie tries to get everyone to turn against their coaches and think for themselves because the coaches might come into the game. He kind of bullies everyone into it while Joe is against playing this fast and Wil vows to go 24 hours without game talk. Yeah, that’s a lie. So is this notion that people will play their own games without the coaches, because everyone has basically committed to their teams as their default alliances.

The problem with the format of this season is that everyone has alliances not of their own choosing. Ian and Jenn aren’t going to turn against Frank. Danielle and Kara are going to stay together. Under normal circumstances I doubt Wil or Ashley would align with someone like Joe, but because Janelle picked all of them, they have an alliance. Willie’s desire to put an end to this is admirable, but it’s too late.

Then madness begins. Willie talks to Frank and mocks Wil’s pronouncement that he’s taking 24 hours off of the game. He puts on a high-pitched voice, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call this homophobic. He’s just doing an impression of Wil, and I don’t think there’s malice behind it.

Then Joe spills the beans to Frank about the big group plan to split the vote so Frank stays but doesn’t know who’s voting for who. This is pretty sneaky because Joe was totally in on the Britney-Janelle team alliance plan, and telling this to Frank isn’t on the up and up. Everyone turns on Willie, but Joe is the ony who’s causing the drama and playing both sides.

And then Willie is fed up with Frank so he goes outside and has an epic fight. It’s going to be known as the Fruit Loops fight, because Willie boasts about eating that breakfast cereal wherever he wants whenever he wants. It’s hard to truly appreciate Willie’s cadence when all of his expletives are bleeped out.

Julie Chats with the HGs

JoJo says the mood in the house is weird and tense.

Ian is having a great time and says he could be on Slop and be a Have-Not all season long.

Wil’s one word to describe the past 13 days is “Oh goodness!” Ashley’s one word to describe the past 13 days is “loosey goosey.” Clearly these two don’t understand what the word “one” means.

Willie’s one word to describe his week as HoH is “extreme pressure.” Come on, people, “one” means “ONE”!

Boogie says coaching is harder than playing because things are out of his control.

The Nominee Speeches

Frank says he’ll fight to protect everyone and then he has a big PSA against bullying targeted at Willie. He also says that people should ignore their coaches if they’re against him, but listen to their coaches if they want to keep him.

Kara simply says people shouldn’t vote just because they’re going what their team wants to do. If you follow the live feeds, you know this is totally targeted at Ashley, who wants to keep Kara, but who is worried because Joe and Wil aren’t and she doesn’t want to go against her team.

The Vote

Danielle votes to evict…FRANK
Shane votes to evict…FRANK
Joe votes to evict…KARA
Ian votes to evict…KARA
JoJo votes to evict…FRANK
Jenn votes to evict…KARA
Wil votes to evict…KARA
Ashley votes to evict…KARA

Kara is evicted 5-3.

Boo! Ina, Jenn, Wil and Ashley all claim to be sad to evict Kara. They could’ve easily not done it, though. And I have absolutely no respect for Ashley, who was the swing vote and voted against what she wanted to do solely because she felt obligated to vote with her “team.” She’s definitely NOT playing her own game.

Kara tells Julie she’s out primarily because people were scared of Dan. She’s clearly emotional, and I feel so bad for her. She’s definitely out through absolutely no fault of her own.

Joe’s goodbye message is annoying and loud about how she didn’t play hard enough. Wasn’t he the one saying that Willie was playing too hard, too fast? Shane is gonna miss her long legs. In spite of myself, I’m slowly falling in love with Shane’s utterly useless simplicity.

The HoH Competition

Throughout the night the HGs were woken up by videos of Big Brother TV Breaking News reports about a burglar in the house. These “updates” will be the basis for the competition.

The HGs are asked questions about what the burglar did whether he was guilty or not guilty. The last person standing wins.

SHANE is out first.

Everyone except WIL and FRANK gets out next because they can’t tell their right from their left.


Well, that makes for a very awkward passing of the key. This show loves it when someone goes from the block to the HoH. Is there any way Willie ISN’T going this week? Also, when Frank wins this whole game, I’m sure everyone will realize how STUPID they were not to get him out when they had the chance.

A New Coach Twist

Julie chats to Frank and Boogie about how happy they are to be in power. Janelle says there was way too much game play in week 1.

Julie then reveals the coach who wins the Coaches Competition this week can either save one of their players OR trade a team member for someone else (except Frank). I hope there’s a trade, because things need to be shaken up. It would be awesome if Britney won, because she’d TOTALLY trade away Willie for anyone else. It would be hilarious if she traded him for Jenn, then Boogie would be forced to convince Frank NOT to nominate Willie because he’d be on his team.

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