We’re one week away from the Big Brother 14 finale, and things are about to pick up. One houseguest will be evicted tonight and tomorrow, another one goes as we get down to the final three. But before the eviction, there’s a Power of Veto completion and a visit from the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team.

Even though this episode isn’t technically live (Julie Chen filmed her portions yesterday), I’ll be here throughout the hour with my live updates.

The episode opens with Julie surprising the HGs by announcing that it’s a special eviction that none of them were prepared for. Watching them all scramble to wake up and gather in the living room is pretty hilarious.

After the Nominations

Dan is in awe that he bent Ian’s mind not to nominate him. Jenn wants nothing to do with Dan because she’s tired of him always getting out of sticky situations. Jenn may be the ONLY person in this game who actually sees Dan for who he is in this game. Dan tries to calm her down by saying that his plan is to get Shane out, which would NEVER happen. We also have to suffer through Danielle whining about how Shane doesn’t REALLY like her. Shut up, Danielle.

The Power of Veto Competition

The HGs must fly back and forth between two platforms to assemble a puzzle. But they need to hit a button on the opposite side to magnetize the board, but the magnet only lasts for 20 seconds, and if they don’t go back to hit it, the pieces fall off. Also, the winner gets a special luxury prize.

This sounds insanely hard and Danielle whines about how she wishes it was just a puzzle on the ground. I repeat: Shut up, Danielle. Shane tries to assemble the puzzle on the ground before putting it on the board. Dan puts all the pieces up at once then keeps hitting the button to solve it in his head. Ian can’t do the timing and his pieces keep falling, then he gets eliminated for letting his clock run out.

Once Ian is out, he starts helping Shane. Way to expose the alliance, dude. Dan is upset because he wants Shane evicted, but it doesn’t matter because as good as Dan is, I don’t think he could’ve gotten Shane out even if Shane didn’t win the Power of Veto, which he did.

Meeting the Fierce Five

After winning the PoV, Shane wins a luxury trip outside of the house and he gets to pick one person to take with him. He chooses Danielle, even though they form the most tepid showmance of all-time. They hold hands in the limo and gush over seeing other people. They give each other kisses on the cheeks, like they’re middle schoolers on a first date.

They get to meet the Fierce Five, the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team. I kind of adore Shane’s childlike amusement at everything. He’s so simple-minded and thinks everything is so amazingly awesome. This is just awkward, as is the fact that Shane and Danielle have no idea what “Not Impressed” is. It’s weird to think that Shane and Danielle have NO IDEA who these girls are, even though millions and millions of people watched them win gold.

Danielle spends the whole time talking about how much she adores Shane and how special and romantic their date was. Ugh, they need to knock off this Bachelor crap. The best part is when Danielle talks about how nice it was to hang out without all the cameras, even though there ARE cameras filming them the entire time.

Regarding having to choose between Dan and Shane, Danielle literally says: “My head’s telling me to choose Dan, but my heart’s telling me to choose Shane. And I don’t know which one to listen to.” Once again, say it with me, SHUT UP, DANIELLE! If this girl makes it to the finale and even one person votes for her to win the half million dollars, I will punch my wall. I’m sure Maggie from Big Brother 6 is rooting for Danielle, because if she wins then Maggie will no longer be considered the worst winner in the history of this show.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

I like how Julie keeps saying there’s no doubt Shane will use the Veto on himself. I feel like there was an actual chance Shane could’ve been so stupid and naive about this game that he wouldn’t save himself, like Marcellas did. But that’s not what happens. Shane saves himself and Ian nominates Danielle in his place, saying he doesn’t want to give the couple of Shane and Danielle all the voting power this week.

America’s Vote

We get to vote for our favorite HG of the season who will get $25,000. Willie is not eligible, of course. I hope someone with more free time than I have starts a campaign for Jodi to win. That would be hilarious. But I’m guessing Britney will take it just like she did in season 12. Maybe Dan or Ian or Janelle. I just hope America isn’t dumb enough to give Shane or Danielle anything.

Nominee Speeches

Jenn is upbeat and praises everyone because she knows she’s gone.

Danielle does the standard, “I hope I stay” nonsense from people who definitely know they’re staying.

The Vote

Shane votes to evict…JENN
Dan votes to evict…JENN


Jenn City keeps it classy while leaving. She seems like a cool person who just isn’t suited for this kind of game. Julie calls Jenn out on her “low-key” game and Jenn defends saving Dan as a big move. Since Jenn has been on slop for so long, Julie gives her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and Jenn City goes to town on that bad boy right then and there.

The HoH Competition

It’s Dan vs. Danielle vs. Shane in a quiz about pictures from previous competitions. This is identical to the final 4 HoH competition Dan won in season 10.

Question 1: They all get it right.
Question 2: They all get it right.
Question 3: Shane and Danielle get it right.
Question 4: Shane and Dan get it right.
Question 5: Danielle and Dan get it right.
Question 6: Danielle and Dan get it right.
Question 7: They all get it right.

Dan and Danielle are tied. The tiebreaker question is: How many seconds did the last Power of Veto competition last?

Dan says 626.
Danielle says 155.

The correct answer is 584.


This is where that stupid “Without going over” B.S. sucks. Dan was only 42 seconds off while Danielle was 429 seconds off. But Danielle wins on a huge technicality.

See Who Won the Final PoV Competition>>

Tomorrow night is a live eviction where we’ll see the final Power of Veto competition..

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