There’s a whole lot of filler in this week’s Sunday episode of Big Brother 14, but at the center is Shane, the current HoH. He and Britney get to have all the power, but it’s clear Britney doesn’t really have the power. She can advise, but Shane makes up his own decisions and makes his own deals that she is not a part of. The result is a fascinating game where Shane refuses to us blindly do everything his coach tells him to do, unlike everyone else in the house.

There are also tongues, dream boards, breakfasts, showmances, lesbians and short shorts.

The “previously on Big Brother” voiceover guy gets the award for best line of the night, saying “When not busy winning vetoes, Shane was busy winning over the ladies.” I know it’s a different network, but I’d actually watch a season of The Bachelor with Shane Meaney as the star.

Shane and Britney Drunk with Power

After Shane wins the HoH, nearly everyone is terrified. Joe shouts a lot and Wil knows he’s about to get hunted. Frank, on the other hand, is quite confident because he and Boogie were smart enough to try and make a deal with Shane last week. That’s good planning for the future, and right now it’s paying off.

Britney is certainly drunk with power, vowing to make Boogie and Janelle’s teams feel the pain after she lost two of her players last week. The only problem for her is that Shane doesn’t feel the same way.

The HoH room reveal is one million kinds of awkward as no one talks and no one really wants to be there. I find it kind of funny because, even though it wasn’t on TV, right before Shane came out with his HoH key, the HGs were talking about hemorrhoids and the shape of poo.

The Contraception Talk

Britney and Dan act like Shane and Danielle are their kids and they’re dating, so they need to have a serious talk with them. Only the “protection” they need to talk about is to make sure others don’t figure out their alliance.

The coaches suggest putting up one person from Boogie’s team and one person from Janelle’s team. But Shane says he can’t nominate Frank because he made a deal with him last week. Of course everyone else really pushes for Frank to go up, though Wil is definitely Shane’s primary target.

A Royal Breakfast, Dream Boards and Lesbians

There’s a whole lot of pointless filler this week.  Chef Joe cooks up a massive breakfast for Shane, the new HoH, to suck up to him. Shane does not appreciate it because he was having a nice dream about Carmen Electra that got rudely interrupted.  Boogie mocks him, but if you watch the live feeds you know that the producers told Joe to do this for TV. Sorry to look behind the curtain, CBS.

Later Ashley talks about her dream board and how magical it is because it got her an iPhone. Boogie and Dan kind of laugh at her hippie nature.

Then Jenn (who?) finally gets some screen time with the token “Coming Out Story.” She’s very comfortable with it, but the weird part is Danielle. She was afraid that a lesbian would pressure her and hit on her, but now Jenn has made her less scared of lesbians.

The Coaches Competition

It’s a gym theme complete with silly ’80s workout outfits. Seriously, Dan’s short shorts are disturbingly tight. The coaches will compete in three heats and whoever does the fewest amount of whatever workout they have to do is out. And each coach who gets eliminated gets to pick a locker with a special prize inside.

The first task involves bootie thrusting and Britney loses. She gets to choose the two Have-Nots for the week and goes with Ian (who volunteers again) and Joe. But since their food is Cereal and Salmon, they’re not that disappointed.

The second task is about hip shaking and Boogie loses. He gets $10,000 that he gets to split among two members of his team and himself. Frank passes and Boogie naturally takes the biggest amount ($6,000) for himself. Ian gets $3,000 and Jenn, who is clearly his least favorite, gets $1,000.

The third task involves moving their tongues back and forth. Dan has a tiny tongue and fails, so he loses. He wins a private sushi and cocktail party with five other people. He chooses the three other coaches, his own player Danielle and HoH Shane. It’s very strategic because he doesn’t want the coaches to be talking without him being there. This dude is ALWAYS thinking.

Janelle wins and she can trade or save a player. She doesn’t trade, of course, and saves Wil. She acts like it’s a hard decision, but that’s a lie. Everyone knows Wil is her top pick.

Last-Minute Campaigning

Now that it’s time for nominations, Janelle goes upstairs to try and rebuild the bridge with Britney she burned a week and a half ago. She tries to blame everything last week on Frank even though Janelle’s team was the ONLY REASON Frank was still in the game. And while Frank might be a big threat, the problem is that if Shane gets Frank out, then everyone else will target Shane next week since he will be the sole remaining threat. Getting Frank out may be what’s best for most people in this house, but it’s not necessarily best for Shane.

Boogie obviously wants Janelle’s two players nominated. He also admits that he’s really only concerned with keeping Frank safe. Britney doesn’t believe Boogie or Frank at all about how they wouldn’t turn back to Janelle’s team. But Shane isn’t as doubting as Britney is.

The voiceover calls Shane to the diary room to make his nominations, but he still hasn’t made up his mind, Britney tries to talk him into Frank and Joe, but the voiceover keeps calling him and he has to go before anything is decided. This is literally a last-minute decision. I kind of love it, because usually everyone knows exactly what’s gonna happen.

The Nominations

Shane nominates Joe and Ashley. Frank gets the last key, making him sweat it out. His speech is decent, saying Janelle is the only coach who hasn’t had any of her players nominated, and since he was nominated against his teammate, it’s only fair he do the same to Joe and Ashley.

Afterwards, Ashley looks like someone just killed her pet bunny while Joe looks like he wants to murder someone. Frank is ecstatic and in the diary room he says that he now trusts Shane and wants to work with him. These two could run the entire game if they keep that level of trust and loyalty to one another.

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