I think Ashley may have edited tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14, because none of it makes any sense. The first half flows naturally with a big blame game over the nominations and a candy-themed Power of Veto competition where Ashley says things so monumentally stupid that she makes Jordan Lloyd look like a rocket scientist.

But for the second half of this episode, the Big Brother production team mysteriously leaves a lot on the cutting room floor. There was a whole lot more going on than they showed, and I’ll try to fill in as many of the gaps as I can.

One gap I’ll never be able to fill in is the Mystery Box. It showed up in Sunday’s episode and it has nothing to do with this episode. I really think it was thrown in there just to try and cause paranoia so Shane might not nominate Frank and Boogie, because there’s no other explanation for it.

The Blame Game

After Frank and Boogie get nominated, they want answers. They theorize that Britney and/or Dan made Shane do it. The two go talk to Shane and press him very hard for answers. This is when the blame game begins, and it’s pretty awesome. Here’s the rundown of blame:

-Shane blames Joe and the Mystery Box. Frank and Boogie don’t believe it.

-Shane blames an anonymous, trustworthy source (Ian) who told him Frank and Boogie were coming after him and Britney.

-Frank and Boogie assume that Britney is the source. Shane goes along with that.

-Shane tells Britney that he passed the blame onto her. Britney is not happy.

-Britney goes to Frank and Boogie and blames her anonymous, very trustworthy source (still Ian).

-Frank and Boogie now assume that Dan is the source. She refuses to confirm or deny.

-Frank and Boogie tell Ian that Dan is the one to blame for them getting nominated, totally unaware of the hilarious irony that Ian is really to blame.

-Boogie confronts Dan about being the source. Dan denies it, but refuses to expose Ian because that would destroy the Quack Pack.

-Frank and Boogie have a meeting with Shane, Britney and Dan. Boogie asks Britney who her source is. She refuses to answer, and Frank accepts this, but then he demands that Dan should admit that he’s the source. (Yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds.)

-Dan is silent because he doesn’t want to reveal his source (Ian), and Frank and Boogie take his silence as a tacit admission of guilt.

So at the end of this blame game, Dan is taking all of the blame because he refuses to sell out Ian, though he admits that he will sell Ian out if Ian doesn’t have his back in the future.

The Candy Game (Power of Veto Competition)

Boogie and Frank both get to choose who they want to play, and they pick Ian and Ashley, respectively. Jenn is the other player.

The competition is a Stay or Fold game where the HGs must estimate how much of a certain candy there is. Ashley’s strategy is the Picture Method, where she pictures the small picture as a picture and then tries to picture how many small pictures fit in the big picture. Watching Ashley do math might be the best thing that happens all season long.

The first person to three points wins, and if more than one person stays in a round, the person farthest away from the real answer is eliminated. Here’s how it goes.

Frank gets a point and Boogie is eliminated.
Frank gets a second point and Jenn is eliminated.
Shane gets a point and Ian is eliminated.
Ashley gets a point and Shane is eliminated.

In the final round Ashley folds and Frank stays, so Frank automatically wins. In her defense, if she stayed, she would’ve lost anyway, but it’s still a pretty dumb move.

The Have-Not Game

There’s a cheese theme for this week’s Have-Not food choices:

Mozzarella and Matzo
Cheddar and Chipotle
Feta and Fennel

That first one sounds delicious.

The Replacement Game

After Frank wins the Power of Veto, Boogie and Frank rally the floaters (Ian, Jenn, Joe and Ashley) and try to get all of them to throw Dan under the bus to Shane so Shane will be forced to nominate Dan or else risk alienating everyone. Jenn goes along with this plan.

Interestingly, we don’t see a lot of what actually happened, like Ian claiming that he threw Dan under the bus when he talked to Shane, even though he didn’t. And we don’t see Ashley also throwing Dan under the bus, or Joe totally devoting himself to Shane and not going along with Boogie’s plans at all.

We also don’t see that even though Boogie claimed Dan was the ONLY NAME he was going to mention to Shane, he also tossed out Joe as a potential second choice to get nominated.

And even though this episode makes it look like Britney, Danielle and Dan didn’t talk to Shane at all about who the replacement nominee should be, that’s a total lie and they all agreed as a team who it should be and why.

Anyway, in the actual episode Boogie tries to get Britney to cosign his “Backdoor Dan” plan by turning on the waterworks. Britney doesn’t buy it one bit, especially since she KNOWS that Dan didn’t actually do what Boogie is accusing him of doing.

Next Boogie talks to Shane about how Dan played people in season 10 (cleverly leaving out the fact that Boogie played people in season 7). He also appeals to Shane as a fellow New Englander. In the diary room, Boogie calls Shane an idiot savant without the savant. Does he really think he’s such an amazing actor that his disdain for Shane isn’t apparent every time he talks to him?

The Veto Ceremony

Frank saves himself and wishes he had two Vetoes. Shane nominates Jenn.

If you don’t follow the live feeds, this probably came out of nowhere. The show did a terrible job editing it, because Shane nominating Jenn seems to make no sense, unless you realize that Britney, Danielle and Dan were all a part of that decision-making process because they all agreed Jenn was the best pawn to ensure Boogie gets evicted.

Tomorrow night, it’s Jenn vs. Boogie, plus a double eviction. I guess that whole Mystery Box thing was a total fake-out.

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