The past 48 hours may have been the craziest yet on Big Brother 13. Most of the alliances have been exposed, sides have been chosen, and unlikely allies have emerged. I’m most surprised by the fact that Brendon’s return to the house has changed the dynamic of the game for the better, and I never thought I’d say that.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Daniele is the HoH and she nominated Adam and Shelly.

Adam won the Power of Veto.

Good for him, finally winning something. It also means he’s definitely coming off the block and Daniele will have to replace him, but here’s where things get tricky. Daniele has a deal with Brendon and Rachel, so while most people think she’d backdoor Brendon, she won’t if she sticks to the plan. The plan was also to get rid of Shelly, but how does Daniele do that? Nominating one of her own people (Porsche or Kalia) would be suicide, so Jordan getting the backdoor might accomplish that. But the real treat is for Daniele to try and backdoor Jeff this week, which could definitely happen. The “terrible gameplay” plan she had three weeks ago could be the best option now.

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It was a prize and punishment veto, so here’s what was won.

Adam: Power of Veto

Jeff: Money (to add to the $10,000 he already won)

Shelly: Stuck in the Have-Not room for 24 hours and a phone call from home (which should make for a very emotional moment on Wednesday’s episode)

Daniele: A veto ticket, so she can play in next week’s competition no matter what (not that cool since only two people won’t play next week, so she’d probably be in anyway)

Kalia: A Caribbean vacation

Jordan: Has to wear a green unitard that says “I’m With Stupid” and an arrow pointing up on the front and “Kick Me” on the back with a dunce cap and tutu and her hair in pigtails (as if we need yet another reason to mock her intelligence). Enjoy this picture of Jordan in what I assume will be called the Dummie-tard.

bb13spoil-jordandunce.jpgStat Report

We’ve now had 12 competitions this season (HoH an PoV), so let’s look at how the HGs have done.

Daniele: 2/5 (40 percent)
Rachel: 3/8 (37.5 percent)
Brendon: 3/9 (33.3 percent)
Dominic: 1/5 (20 percent) – EVICTED WEEK 3
Kalia: 1/7 (14.3 percent)
Jordan: 1/10 (10 percent)
Adam: 1/11 (9.1 percent)
Jeff: 1/12 (8.3 percent)

Shelly: 0/7 (0 percent)
Porsche: 0/6 (0 percent)
Lawon: 0/5 (0 percent) – EVICTED WEEK 5
Cassi: 0/2 (0 percent) – EVICTED WEEK 2
Keith: 0/2 (0 percent) – EVICTED WEEK 1
Evel Dick: 0/1 (0 percent) – LEFT WEEK 1

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