After an intense Thursday night where many fans (myself included) threatened to jump off bridges and kick puppies after Brendon got back into the house on Big Brother 13, cooler heads are prevailing. I can admit that, like the people in the house, I got way too crazy and emotional and wasn’t thinking straight, but now I’ve slept on it and have a rational head on my shoulders.

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Daniele is the HoH and she nominated Adam and Shelly.

Yes, this week is not a redo from two weeks ago. Daniele struck up a deal with Brendon and Rachel not to nominate them at all this week if they do the same for her next week.

UPDATE: Additionally, the deal seems to be that while they will both act like the plan is to backdoor Jeff or Brendon, which could still happen, they actually want to have Shelly go and deal with Jeff next week. Of course, who knows if Daniele will agree to that or if Brendon and Rachel have any intention of going along with it.

So right now, the big problem will be if Adam or Shelly win the PoV (or if Kalia or Porsche do and Daniele has to explain why she wouldn’t want them to use it). Regardless, this week has taken an interesting twist. There are basically three sides in the house: Brenchel, Dani-Kalia-Porsche and Jeff-Jordan-Adam-Shelly. Right now, the first two have teamed up to take down the third.

If the nominations stay the same, Shelly is almost certainly gone, as her antics have finally caught up with her and everyone is on to her lies and deceit..

But like I said, a lot of things need to go right for the plan to work, and things rarely go the way you plan on Big Brother.

Also, a lot has gone on today to change the game, and here’s what you need to know about Big Brother 13 at this point.

-Daniele is out for herself and only herself, because despite her alliance with Kalia and Porsche, her deal with Brendon and Rachel only covered her not going up next week. I don’t want to trust Brenchel at all, but I kind of do. Does that make me insane?.

-Rachel and Brendon are hip to the fact that Jeff and Jordan are working both sides and that they have final four deals with both Brenchel and Adam and Shelly. They’ve also shared this info with Daniele, so now, in a strange turnaround, Dani’s Alliance and Brenchel are temporarily united against the Jeff-Jordan-Adam-Shelly camp.

-Daniele, Kalia and Porsche are in a solid alliance and have cut Shelly out because they finally got clued in on Shelly’s lies and deception. Shelly, however, didn’t take this well and went off on Kalia and Porsche. Basically, those three make up the undercard to the main event of Daniele vs. the Veterans.

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The Power of Veto this week is more important than ever, and a lot could go wrong for everyone involved. Jeff could get backdoored. Brendon could get backdoored. Brendon and Rachel could betray Daniele’s trust. The Hoff could reenter the house. The Zingbot could arrive with actual laser beams and start killing people. Jeff and Jordan’s farts could cause a massive explosion when Shelly lights her cigarette. On Big Brother 13, you just never know what will happen.

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