So Brendon is back in the game on Big Brother 13. He’s reunited with Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are happy that the biggest target came back to keep them safe, and Daniele and Kalia are understandably furious that the past two weeks were just completely undone.

I relate to Daniele and Kalia and I’m angry at the twist. I dislike Brendon and Rachel on a primal level. I don’t love to hate them as villains and I don’t find their romantic drama entertaining. I just loathe them and wish they would disappear from my life forever. But since writing about Big Brother 13 is my job, that’s not an option.

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Daniele won HoH! AGAIN!

Holy crap, and just like that, I’m back from the dead!!! Brendon came back and the veterans were happy, but Daniele overcame the odds and proved you can NEVER count her out. Not only is this the sixth straight female HoH, but it also keeps up a rotating pattern (Rachel-Jordan-Rachel, then Daniele-Kalia-Daniele).

It sounds like it came down to Daniele and Porsche and wasn’t physical, so I’m sure the veterans weren’t happy that the only two people they didn’t want to win did so well. On a historical level, it also brings Daniele up to four HoH wins overall, tying Rachel, Mike Boogie and season 5’s Drew for second place behind Janelle. If you combine HoHs and PoVs, Danielle has nine, and the only person with more is Janelle at 12, so clearly, Daniele is one of the best competitors ever.

This is perhaps the only way to save the show again, because now, for the second time, Daniele can potentially split up Brenchel. Or she could make a deal with them and try to get rid of Jeff. Her options are endless, but one thing is clear: the six people who were jumpin and cheering after Brendon returned are not going to be happy now.

Wow, I didn’t think I’d ever love Big Brother 13 again, but Daniele is so damn strong and competitive that she can fight back against all comers. I really hope she wins, but I also hope she plays this week smart, because odds are the power will shift back after this.

This is also going to mak a FANTASTIC episode on Sunday, going from Daniele and Kalia’s total misery to pure joy, and watching Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan go from ecstatic to miserable.

The HoH competition began at about midnight ET. Beforehand, Brendon celebrated with Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam. However, Adam and Shelly are definitely uneasy about this because they’re afraid it will harm their four-person alliance with Jeff and Jordan, but they can’t tell anyone about their concerns. Jeff and Jordan, on the other hand, are happy to stay quiet while egging on Brenchel to cause drama, keeping them as he big targets. Meanwhile, Daniele, Kalia and Porsche are left to sulk, knowing that the game just screwed them over and they’re all sitting ducks.

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