It’s all over. The last competitive dances of So You Think You Can Dance season 8 have been danced. The votes are in. The judges have spoken. All that remains are the final results. But what will those results be? Honestly, after the finale performances last night, I’m not totally sure.

But that’s never stopped me from making predictions!

We’ll begin with…

The Obvious
It’s going to be a girl. There’s basically no chance in the universe that either Tadd or Marko will pull out a win in season 8. Both of the guys are great dancers, but it’s been a given for weeks that they would have to have the night of their dancing lives in the finale to eke out a win.

That didn’t happen.

Both guys gave good performances, and both guys gave less-good performances. Marko was less-than-perfect in his disco, Tadd got serious criticism for that cha-cha, and neither got it together for the stepping.

Marko did pull through on his other two dances, especially his contemporary piece with All-Star Lauren. But Sasha dominated him (as the choreography insisted) in their Broadway piece. Tadd, meanwhile, struggled in his hip-hop routine (even if he did manage to be entertaining) and only really shone in his jazz dance with Melanie.

Which was better and which was worse? That’s hard to say. But it was obvious that Marko and Tadd lost out to the ladies on the final night of performances.

That brings us to…

The Dilemma
Sasha or Melanie? Melanie or Sasha?

It kind of seems like this has been the question all season. Melanie has been the more consistent dancer, but Sasha gets more attention in those dances where she shines.

What about the finale? Both of the top girls stumbled on one dance (disco for Melanie, cha-cha for Sasha) and then otherwise did well. The judges loved Sasha’s Sonya Tayeh routine (I’m personally tired of the “warrior princess” thing, but whatever) and enjoyed her Broadway domination of Marko. Similarly, Melanie’s contemporary pathos elicited judge rapture, and her jazz with Tadd was enjoyed as well. When the two danced together, it all totally worked.

But which was better?

Judging from the finale alone, Sasha might have the edge by the slightest of margins — although that depends on if you thought the disco or the cha-cha was worse. Over the course of the season, however, Melanie has definitely beaten Sasha.


The Results
It’s close. And I may be very wrong.

Fourth Place
Marko Germar: It’s debatable whether Tadd or Marko was worse in the finale, but Marko just seemed tired. And Tadd out-danced Marko in the final performance of the night.

Third Place
Tadd Gadduang
: It wasn’t his night, and he hasn’t had the season Marko’s had. But Tadd oozes with personality and seemed to be having fun, even when he stumbled.

Second Place
Sasha Mallory
: She could win. Very easily. But Sasha’s inconsistency throughout the season, combined with the fact that her finale performances included a huge misstep, might keep Melanie on top.

First Place
Melanie Moore
: Simply put, she’s the breakout dancer of the season. The judges would definitely pick her for first place, and the voting seems to agree. Her finale night wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to justify a win.

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Who do you expect to win this season of So You Think You Can Dance? Who is your favorite dancer? Are you Team Melanie or Team Sasha? Let us know in the comments section!

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