It was a very busy night on Big Brother 13. On the live double eviction, Daniele was sent home after Shelly flipped to her side, then Kalia stepped up to win HoH for the second time and got Jeff out. The result was an emotionally crippled Jordan and a burst of energy for the newbies as there have now been three veterans evicted in a row. What will the new week hold now that there are only six HGs left?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Porsche is the new HoH!

Holy crap, the girl who couldn’t win anything has finally stepped up and won the last two competitions. The newbies are definitely on a roll and I have to imagine that Jordan and Rachel will absolutely be the two nominees, with Rachel being evicted unless she wins the Power of Veto (though Jordan seems to want to be voted out so she can spend the rest of the summer in the jury house with Jeff).

It also puts Porsche into the ranks of people who’ve won multiple competitions this season, alongside Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Daniele and Kalia. And she has both an HoH and a PoV win, which only Jeff and Rachel have done this season (and Rachel only did it with Brendon in week 1). It also means Shelly is still the only HG left who hasn’t won.

Porsche now has an impressive 20 percent win ratio, having taken 2 of the 10 competitions she’s played in. The only current HG ahead of her is Rachel who has three wins out of 13 competitions.

It must suck for the people who don’t follow Big Brother 13 online, because out of the seven live Thursday shows, only three of them have included the winner of the following week’s HoH, and now four of the past five weeks have had HoH competitions run past the live show.

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