Being locked in a house with no contact from the outside world for more than 40 days can be emotionally exhausting, and in this episode of Big Brother 13, we see just how emotional it can be. Every single HG goes through extreme highs and lows in this one episode.

First we get the aftermath of Brendon’s return to the game, followed by Daniele winning the HoH competition and ending with the surprise nomination of Adam and Shelly, with the likely backdooring of Brendon to come. Now let’s look at how everyone faired, emotionally.

Up: Brenchel

The Gruesome Twosome is reunited in the house and they dance for joy. In an instant, Rachel flips from her gloomy self to the same old, happy-go-lucky waitress. They’re all over each other, and Rachel wastes no time telling Brendon about how mean Daniele and Kalia were to her, and also how she overheard Shelly making a final thre deal with Jeff and Jordan.

Down: Daniele and Kalia

This was their worst case scenario, and with Brendon back, the two cry and rail against the Big Brother gods for undoing all the hard work they did over the past two weeks. Yeah, they’re whining, but this twist did just completely screw them over in a major way.

Up: Brenchel, Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Shelly

These six jump up and down to celebrate and promise that these six are all honest and trustworthy, and that all they need to do is win HoH and all will be right with the world. Jordan is actually just happy that she doesn’t have to deal with Rachel’s whining and sadness anymore.

Down: Brenchel, Jeff and Jordan in the HoH Competition

The HoH competition is all about counting, as the HGs must predict how many of a certain object there are, and the person farthest away from the answer will get eliminated in each round. Rachel, Jordan, Brendon and Jeff are the first four out. HA! They put so much pressure on themselves to win and they all tanked it. Rachel and Brendon love talking about how they’re such brilliant people with their massive educations and graduate degrees, but they failed at the most logical game ever.

Up: Daniele, Porsche and Kalia in the HoH Competition

After the four veterans are out, Shelly and Adam lose too, meaning Daniele and Porsche, the only two people the other HGs DIDN’T want to win, are at the end. Could this be any funnier? Daniele pulls out the victory, again, and just like that, her alliance with Kalia and Porsche is safe and they are on cloud nine, just an hour or so after being as miserable as they could possibly be. They have a dance party (the third one of the night) and Daniele proudly boasts that she wants everyone to crap in their pants this week. Mission: accomplished.

Down: Jordan’s IQ

For fun, Shelly gives Jordan a mock job interview, and we get to see how Jordan’s mind works. I imagine he inside of her head is full of cobwebs and maybe a hamster repeatedly running into walls. Jordan doesn’t know what “glass half full” or “pensive” mean. She also admits her biggest weakness is science and her response to nearly every question is “I don’t understand.” We are all dumber for having Jordan in our lives, but at least she’s cute.

Up: The Amount of B.S. in the HoH Room

With Daniele in charge again, everyone comes up to beg for their lives and unload the metaphorical craps they’ve been taking in their pants. Adam stumbles to defend keeping Rachel last week. Shelly tries her hardest to make up for the fact that she pretended to be on their side last week and they completely flipped. Shelly’s goal is also to turn everything on Daniele, which is a nice manipulative trick that could work with simpler people, but not Daniele.

Down: The Smack on Kalia and Porsche from Shelly

What follows is a massive smackdown from Shelly after she overhears Porsche and Kalia talking about how much Shelly lies. Shelly tries to defend herself about being a moral, honest person, but the editors brilliantly add proof of Shelly’s deception. Technically, Shelly only asked if Rachel and Brendon would consider taking her to the final three, which they said “Yes” to, but in Shelly’s mind, that’s not really a deal. Whatever helps you sleep at night, lady.

Up: A Fishy Deal with Daniele and Brenchel

Brenchel tries to make a sneaky deal where they would call a truce with Daniele, but still let everyone else think they’re against each other. Brendon once again tries to use logic, but the problem is that logic only works when someone else is HoH. They ask Daniele to nominate Adam and Shelly, targeting Shelly. Daniele is open to it.

Down: Floaters Get Nominated

In the end, Daniele plays a risky move and nominates Adam and Shelly. It actually works on several levels because she now has options. She can go along with the deal with Brenchel if the nominations stay the same, but her speech definitely previews a backdoor coming.

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