I feel like Big Brother 13 is trying really hard to make me love this week. First they roll out the Zingbot, my favorite thing in the history of ever (followed closely by chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the DVR and the concept of love, in that order). And now we get the double eviction episode, which is always the best episode of the season because it’s nonstop action and gameplay with very little filler.

I needed these boosts because I love Daniele and she’s marked for death on the block, but hope is not lost. She spent most of this week campaigning to Adam (she already had Porsche and Shelly’s support), but he refused. Then late Wednesday night, Rachel started to waver and strongly considered turning on Jeff and Jordan, which could be a huge, last-minute switcheroo. For once, I’m not totally sure what’s gonna happen going into a Thursday show, but I know it’s gonna be exciting.

And things are heating up before the show even begins. The live feeds went down three hours before the show, but executive producer Allison Grodner tweeted that Adam, Shelly and Jeff are fighting after Shelly was outed for her treachery. I smell major fireworks ahead!

Previously on Big Brother 13: ZING!!!!! Being the man in the Zingbot suit must be the best job ever.

Veto Aftermath: Despite a double eviction, we still get to see some of Daniele’s campaigning to stay by getting Shelly and Porsche on her side and targeting Adam to join them. Daniele makes solid points that Jeff and Jordan are the last remaining couple while Rachel is also a threat because everyone hates her. This finally starts to wake Shelly up to the fact that she will lose if she stays loyal to Jeff and Jordan.

Shelly then tries to sell it to Adam, but he’s not as easily swayed because he doesn’t trust Daniele. Adam is basically willing to roll the dice and compete against Jeff and Jordan, being foolish enough to think he could beat them in a competition, which is just wrong on every level.

We even get footage from last night when a ball-balancing game showed up in the backyard and Shelly decided that since Adam is in Jeff’s back pocket, she needs to try and flip Rachel. I’ll bet those editors were furious that they needed to turn over footage so quickly. Shelly brilliantly got Rachel by telling her about Jeff throwing the corn hole veto which resulted in Brendon getting backdoored.

Chen Time: She finally reveals to the HGs that it’s double eviction night and it’s kind of awkward.

Nominee Speeches: Daniele praises CBS for bringing her back and talks about her love and respect for her game, and then bashes the people who aren’t here to play and who are only there to write Jeff and Jordan a paycheck. Kalia just yells to vote for her.

Jordan votes to evict…DANIELE
Porsche votes to evict…KALIA
Shelly votes to evict…KALIA
Rachel votes to evict…DANIELE
Adam votes to evict…DANIELE


Boo! I had such high hopes that Rachel would step up, but no. God bless Shelly, however, for standing up for herself.  Afterward, Julie Chen says “Shocker,” which is great. Daniele calls Adam the worst player in the history of the game and I agree. Daniele admits she isn’t a coaster which is why she tried to backdoor Jeff in week 3.  Rachel calls Daniele a “horrible bitch” in her goodbye message and Daniele just lets Rachel’s awfulness speak for itself.

HoH Competition

The HGs play “Before or After” about events in the house.

Adam is out first. Ha, everyone in the house thinks Adam knows everything and he’s always talking about how he remembers every detail about the summer and would be so great at this kind of competition.

Porsche, Rachel and Shelly are out next.

Jordan is out.


Wow, two HoH wins and now it’s time for Jeff and Jordan to pay. Kalia is definitely stepping it up. It’s hard to call anyone who wins two HoHs a floater.

Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel.

Let’s see if it works out better than the last time Kalia was HoH and nominated Jeff and Rachel. To her credit, Kalia keeps her word about never putting Jordan on the block.

Power of Veto Competition

Jordan is the one person not picked to play for the PoV during the commercial break. It’s almost identical to the HoH competition in last season’s double eviction. The HGs must find two clown shoes in a giant ball pit and bring them back and then get the veto symbol. They can only bring one clown shoe at a time.

Rachel is the first person to get a shoe followed by Shelly, Porsche, Adam and Jeff.

Porsche gets the second shoe, then the veto.


She finally wins her first competition ever! Go Porsche! See, Daniele’s alliance can win when they need to now that she’s gone. It also means Shelly is the only HG who hasn’t won.

Rachel is almost speechless and Jeff compliments Porsche’s hair to maybe get her to do what he did for her last week.

Porsche does NOT use the Power of Veto.

She says that it’s what Daniele would’ve wanted, and I’m sure Daniele is somewhere grinning like a cat. This could not have gone more right for her alliance or more wrong for Jeff’s side, and Shelly flipped at the right time. We see Jeff campaigning to Shelly, but Shelly is not buying it.

Nominee Speeches: Rachel gives a speech that sounds like she knows she’s staying. Big Jeff pleads directly to Shelly and begs her for her vote.

Jordan votes to evict…RACHEL
Porsche votes to evict…JEFF
Adam votes to evict…RACHEL (after a lot of thinking)
Shelly votes to evict…JEFF (she can barely say it through the tears)

It’s a tie.


Ha! On Big Brother 11 Jeff won the HoH and PoV in week 7, backdoored a big threat and then got booted the following week. And now history has repeated itself. Rachel and Jordan are crying while Porsche and Shelly are standing strong.

Jeff gets upset at the people who’ve been sleeping until now.

And that’s it. I guess the new HoH competition will be later tonight, so check back for the results to see if Rachel and Jordan can overcome the emotional toll of losing Jeff.

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So just a little info on the immediate aftermath of the double eviction episode from the live feeds. In a total role reversal, Jordan is a sobbing mess and Rachel is being the level-headed one trying to calm her down. Also, Jordan is cursing like a sailor, calling Shelly an “f***ing b****” for turning on Jeff and saying that Jeff and Brendon are stuck in the jury house with “that whore,” Daniele. Yeah, this is a completely different side of America’s Sweetheart.

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