Kristen has played a smart game on Big Brother 12 so far, staying low and avoiding confrontation. All of that ended on Thursday when Andrew outed her showmance with Hayden during his speech. That one moment completely changed her entire life in this game.

Last week Lane taught us all about spotlighting, the hunting activity where a bunch of guys go out into the woods at night, shine a spotlight into the forest and, as soon as they see eyes, they shoot to kill. That’s exactly what happened to Kristen. Andrew shined the spotlight and Rachel pulled out her gun.

Rachel vs. Kristen: The Lie

After winning the HoH, Rachel goes around telling everyone that Kristen said she was putting up Brendon and Rachel if she won HoH. This isn’t a grey area because Big Brother provides a clip of that exact conversation where we hear Kristen tell Rachel point blank that she wasn’t sure who she’d put up, and that it probably WOULDN’T be Rachel and Brendon. So there are two possible outcomes:

-Rachel is purposefully lying to turn the house against Kristen. If this is the case, she doesn’t know her audience, because targeting Brendon and Rachel is a surefire way to make everyone else LOVE you right now.

-Rachel is so delusional and crazy that she actually thinks that’s what Kristen said. Maybe she had too much alcohol that night.

Power Crazy Rachel

When Rachel gets her HoH room everyone goes up to see it except Kristen. Every single person in that room except for Brendon and Rachel wants to commit suicide because of how grossly disingenuous they’re being pretending to be excited about it. I give Kristen a lot of credit for not being fake and I give Rachel no credit for being so drunk with power that she thinks everyone should bow down before her and kiss her feet just because she’s the HoH.

The Definition of a Floater

After winning HoH, Rachel warns all the floaters to “grab your life vests.” She then engages in an epic battle with Kristen which makes for highly entertaining TV. But it makes me ask one big question: What is a floater?

Rachel seems to think it has to do with not winning any competitions, which would actually mean that Ragan, Kathy, Kristen, Enzo and Lane are ALL floaters.

On the other hand, I always thought a floater was someone who avoided making any alliances and tried to stay friends with everyone, playing all sides. If Rachel believed Kristen and Hayden are in a showmance, that would, by definition, mean they’re NOT floaters.

If anything, Britney is the floater because she’s the one pretending to be BFFs with Rachel, taking baths with her and talking trash about Kristen the same way Britney used to talk trash about Rachel with Monet. The only difference is that this time Britney confesses in the diary room that she can’t stand talking to Rachel and is only doing it to save herself.

And Kristen is the opposite of a floater, because she’s the only person in this house who is not pretending to be nice to Brendon and Rachel. The truth is that right now eight people in this house are against Brenchel, so anyone who pretends to be nice to the power couple is, by definition, a floater.

Luxury Competition

The HGs go through an obstacle course for a chance to see the new Will Ferrell movie The Other Guys. Lane is the mule who carries Matt and Britney through the whole course. Ragan, Kathy and Kristen are embarrassingly slow. Hayden, Enzo and Brendon just run as fast as they possibly can like a trio of maniacs.

The guys win and Rachel also gets to tag along, meaning Hayden and Enzo will be stuck on an awkward double date. But the funniest part is that after winning Enzo screams “Brigade!” No one even notices.


Rachel finally nominates Hayden and Kristen like she promised to do right away. She says that they’re not competing and that they’re both after her. Brendon says that Rachel’s constant power trips will make them a constant target and Rachel once again delusionally thinks that Kristen is the ONLY person coming after her and Brendon.

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