Two weeks ago we had what we thought was an endurance HoH competition on Big Brother 12, but maybe the surfboard challenge didn’t technically count since it only lasted about two and a half hours. Now that the HoH is more important than ever we get another endurance competition, and I’m here live all night until it ends.

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The HGs spin on a gaint paint can. The last one standing is the new HoH. The first one off is the only Have-Not of the week.

Additionally, Ragan won the vote to become the next Saboteur and we’ll find out Sunday if he accepts and what happens if/when Pandora’s Box is opened by the HoH.

I’m here all night with the live results.

All times listed are PST (aka Big Brother time).

6:30pm: Feeds are back and Kathy, Enzo and Brendon are out. Brendon is out! This could be an early night since everyone left is on the same page, re: putting up Brendon and Rachel. Kathy was out first and is the week’s sole Have-Not.

6:35pm: Needless to say, Brendon is upset and wonders if Rachel is mad at him. Just another reason why these two need to break up. At least he can be morally outraged over the fact that, like the surfboard challenge, this endurance benefits people with tiny feet since they need to stand on a thin ledge. I guess it’s true what they say about guys with big feet: they suck at HoH endurance competitions.

6:40pm: Lane, Hayden and Britney are out! It’s down to just Ragan and Matt … again! Matt half-jokes about how Big Brother is rigging the competitions for them.

6:48pm: Looks like the deal is for Matt to be HoH aain, probably so Ragan doesn’t have to go against Brendon and Rachel. It seems like every week the last person someone wants to win wins. Matt’s tininess really is a huge advantage, however. He could probably be up there for seven or eight hours, easily, and we’re less than an hour with just one other person who’s getting weaker by the second.

6:54pm: Ragan is out. Matt wins.


So after more than a day of set up, this “endurance” competition lasts about an hour. These HGs are wusses this season. Also, this is a very lop-sided season in terms of wins.

HoH: Hayden, Rachel, Matt, Rachel, Matt
PoV: Brendon, Britney, Brendon, Britney

In other words, Brendon and Rachel are going up, Brendon wins PoV and then he needs to decide if he should save himself or be a total whipped idiot and save his girlfriend, sending him home. Either way, it’s going to be a very fun week for seven of the HGs and a miserable one for the other two.

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