It’s easy to find out everything you need to know about any reality TV contestant: Just Google them and you’ll see their online lives unfold before your very eyes. Big Brother 12 houseguest Ragan Fox is no exception.

The bowtie-wearing 34-year-old may claim college professor as his job title, but Ragan Fox is better known as an established gay slam poet and podcaster. Fox has been published, praised by numerous gay publications and has his own podcast, which airs on Sirius Satellite Radio, called Fox and the City.

The gay pseudo-celebrity even has his own blog uncomfortably titled America’s Next Top Bottom. That title alone tells me more about Ragan Fox than I’ll ever learn watching the Big Brother 24/7 live feeds. Basically, Fox seems like a poor man’s David Sedaris.

This rather large and established career of Fox raises one big question in my mind: Is he the Saboteur?

Big Brother 12 Adds Saboteur Twist>>

The twist for season 12 is that one HG will be a Saboteur who will be ordered to do various tasks by America’s votes to cause chaos in the house. To make this successful, I imagine CBS would need to find someone who would be willing to work for them, not just a random person who auditioned the regular way.

Ragan Fox could easily fit that bill. It’s easy to imagine someone at the Big Brother casting department being a fan of Fox and the City and deciding to work with him as the Saboteur.

Realistically, the only way the Saboteur twist works is if the person is a plant. If it’s too similar to America’s Player, there’s no real incentive for the person to fully commit to the sabotage. A gay blogger and poet would also blend in nicely because every season of Big Brother features a token flamboyant gay HG.

Whether or not he’s the Saboteur, Ragan Fox is sure to become a lot more than a fringe gay podcaster. However, it will be interesting to see whether the national television exposure will affect his college teaching job. Big Brother is the perfect place to torpedo your career with idiotic actions in front of the world.

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