Tonight was a special two-hour episode of America’s Got Talent. The first hour showed us some of the auditions in Orlando and the second hour gave us the truly strange acts in Portland. As usual, the auditions brought out nearly all of the emotions, from pure enjoyment to pity to total confusion. Yes, folks, this was a good night for AGT.

The most moving and wonderful acts were those that made us smile, brought tears to our eyes and made us thrilled for the contestants heading to the competition in Las Vegas.

There were three magic acts put through to Vegas, including a soldier who did an amazing illusion with swords. His act was the best of the three and his story was very moving.

We saw four great dance acts that were put through to Vegas, and a very special act involving indoor kite flying. Connor Doran gave a very touching performance that was almost spiritual in its beauty.

The evening’s competition culminated in the hand whistling performance by Sally Cohn. She was a true delight and her personality was infectious. I look forward to seeing her again.

As for the more unusual (read pathetic) acts, be sure to check back here tomorrow for the most bizarre acts of the evening on America’s Got Talent. And be sure to watch another episode of America’s Got Talent tomorrow night on NBC.

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