Ahhh, the weatherman! Whether you read that as a sigh of joy or sign of terror, and whether you loved or hated to watch Jonathan Novack’s over-emotional antics this season on The Bachelorette (if you read my recaps, you know that I skew to the extreme “love” side) there’s no denying that the by-day newscaster had a definite presence on screen.

And good thing, too, especially for us weatherman-lovers: Jonathan will be back on ABC starting August 9 on Bachelor Pad, alongside fellow Bachelorette season 6 cast members Craig McKinnion and Jesse Beck. Forecast: Drama!

Also of note for Jonathan-lovers in Los Angeles: the weatherman’s contract is up at his news station, and he’s gearing up to move to L.A. to look into entertainment reporting and revive his stand-up comedy act. (The Bachelorette is sure to have given him plenty of material.)

This morning, Jonathan took time to talk about his roller-coaster of a Bachelorette experience, from shooting a swimsuit calendar to kissing Ali in a music video. Here’s what he had to say.

Why didn’t things work out between you and Ali?
There just wasn’t a lot of chemistry there. Whether that was a result of not spending enough time with her, I’m not sure. I would say in the end the spark wasn’t there, unfortunately.

What were your feelings for Ali? Do you wish that you had more time with her?
I absolutely wish I had more time with her. I thought she was the kind of girl I could fall for. She was a brilliant girl, beautiful, great sense of humor, ambitious, loved life; considerate, reasonable … these are all traits I look for. You can’t make sparks on a group date.

What’s your side of the story on your feud with Craig M.?
It wasn’t just me he was starting with. It was Jesse, it was Justin, it was other guys too, and so I just felt like it was a problem just for the house. I defended myself pretty well and I think any guy in the house will agree that I would come back with great comebacks but when he almost started a fist fight with Jesse B., that’s when I thought it was starting to get out of hand, and somebody needed to say something.

Does you think it’s fair that people call you a tattle-tale?
You don’t see a lot that happens. Craig isn’t the only guy I didn’t like in the house but I didn’t say anything about them because I don’t talk trash about people. But I legitimately thought there was a problem with Craig in this house, especially with the Jesse B. thing. That went on all night. The producers kept having to pull him away from Jesse. He kept trying to get Jesse B. to basically punch him. That’s why I used the word “dangerous.” Somebody who is trying to get in physical fights with the guys in the house, what is he going to be like in a relationship?

When you were around Ali you seemed nervous a lot. Were you nervous during the show?
There were times I was nervous, but most of the time I was just having fun getting to go out on these dates with Ali. Most of the time I was having a really good experience getting to know some of these guys that I became friends with. The most nerve-wracking parts were the rose ceremonies. Those were stressful for everybody. I wear my heart on my sleeve so you saw it more than most people but three-quarters of the time I was having a great time.

Why did you seem to have difficulty kissing her in the music video?
It was the scene. It was acting, You don’t get to see everything that happens, of course, but if you look at the beginning, you see I’m pensive and contemplative and whatnot. I was actually trying to get into the character which I was told needed to be emotional. I kiss her, she gets upset, turns around and runs away. That’s what that was. The guys were impressed I could actually bring up some tears on cue! It took a little while but eventually once they played back the music for the song and did the kiss I made it happen, I thought.

Kasey talked about how he was best friends with everyone in the house. Do you like the other guys from the show?
No, I definitely do. Just not everybody. But I love Kasey, I think he’s a good guy. I love Tyler V., he’s hilarious. Hunter, great guy, Jesse B, great guy, I mean all these guys are just fantastic. I hope to be friends with them for life as well. There are a few people I”m obviously not fond of like Craig M, some people I didn’t get to know very well, the first night guys and a couple of the second night guys, but the Top 11 is really where we started bonding and I expect to keep in touch and stay friends with them a long time.

Was Justin hated in the house as it came off on television?
My take is that the guys didn’t like him. I didn’t understand why they didn’t like him. I didn’t think it was a big deal that he showed his t-shirt the first night. He wasn’t treating anyone in the house badly. That confused me for awhile.

What do you think about reports that Justin has a girlfriend?
I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a while but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s that big of a jerk. I could see it happening, for sure. I guess we’ll find out. I tried to have his back but in the end he was his own worst enemy, I think.

Is it hard to know that guys like Justin who might have a girlfriend stayed longer than you?
I think if Kasey showed her the tattoo the night I got sent home I would’ve still been there. As far as Justin goes, if that would’ve come out sooner I would’ve been there longer too, so there were some variables that could’ve played out differently.

What are your thoughts on Kasey’s tattoo?
I tried to be diplomatic about it. His intentions are good, I don’t think he’s crazy. I think he’s just a passionate, sensitive guy and his explanation for the tattoo to us was that it wasn’t necessarily for Ali. Part of it was attached to her but a lot was the experience and bonding with the guys in the house. He got this tattoo to represent everything the show meant to him.”

Who do you think is the one for Ali?
Out of all the guys I think she might be able to fall in love with, I would think Roberto would be up there, and maybe Kirk. Out of all the guys in the house, I think Roberto is the most stand-up, straight-up guy. He was a solid dude and she seems to see that in him, so I wonder if he is going to be her pick.

Do you think Ali found love at the end of the show and with who?
Good question. You know it’s interesting because I was surprised at the conversation she had with Chris Harrison that she was scared to fall in love. That kind of was interesting. I don’t know what will happen. Out of all the guys I would think Roberto would be up there, and maybe Kirk. Out of all the guys I thought Roberto was a very stand-up guy and she seems to see that in him.


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