Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen gave us some very entertaining moments. The episode began with Chef Gordon Ramsay making the chefs think they were going to have to slaughter a bunch of cute little pigs for the dinner service.

Instead, the pigs had ingredients written on their collars and the two teams had to grab pigs to choose their ingredients for the challenge.

Each team had to create three dishes using the ingredients from the pigs they caught. There was a particularly disgusting looking dish made with blood sausage that exploded in the oven and figs. It was no great surprise that the blue team won yet another challenge.

The red team had to give baths to all the cute little muddy pigs, then prepare for dinner service. Meanwhile, the blue team went to a spa for massages and mud baths.

For dinner service, Chef threw them some crazy challenges when he told them it would be barbeque night and there would be two seatings. The red team disappointed him again and red team member Maria was sent packing.

The next day, Chef challenged the two teams to create five dishes, each based on one of the five basic sauces. He even brought his mother and his wife in to help judge. The red team lost again and was sentenced to clean the entire kitchen and prep for dinner service.

Before dinner service began, Chef announced that it would be “family night” and there would be a kid’s menu in addition to the usual menu. It was another crazy twist.

The evening went from bad to worse and the red team got kicked out of the kitchen before dinner service was complete. Chef Ramsay and his sous chefs finished the service.

It was no surprise that the red team lost again and when the team nominated Scott, Siobhan and Fran, Chef said he had reached his limit. He booted Scott from the competition. Finally, the overconfident jerk was out. Then Chef told Benjamin to move to the red team.

What did you think of the evening’s challenges? Do you think Scott and Maria were the right choices to go home? Let us know what you think!

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