Okay, so Big Brother 11 had its run and this is most probably the last article we’ll be writing about it.  There are still some unsettled things regarding the season, which is why Ross Matthews of Inside Dish invaded the set of the reality series for the after party.

The HGs revealed their thoughts on this crazy summer we’ve experienced with them, from all the strategic bullying Russell did to the bedroom moments between Lydia and Jessie.

“It was one of the best summers I’ve ever had,” the Shotgun declared.  He probably couldn’t say the same for Chima, but she wasn’t there to defend herself anyway.

Another highlight of the interview was Casey promoting his banana goods.  Um, that really didn’t sound right.  Julie already mentioned it in one of the competitions, but let’s plug the merchandise anyway.  You can visit Maninabananasuit.com for all your Big Brother banana needs.

As usual (though you might not want to hear about it), Natalie starts defending the lie she made about her age.  “Saying that I was 18 maybe hurt me in the end, but I wouldn’t have got to the end if I didn’t say I was 18,” she said.  “The plan for me saying I was 18 was I wanted people to think ‘Well, she’s young, so since she’s young, she’s naïve, she’s gullible.'”  We can leave her to stereotype the youth with her words, but at least she’s happy for Jordan.

Jordan also has the respect of Jeff, who admits how proud he is of the Big Brother 11 winner.  “The moment for me was the last key drawn was mine, so that was nice,” Jeff exclaimed.

Meanwhile, there’s been talk of the Jessie-Lydia showmance being just more than that.   Since she didn’t want to divulge the details, Lydia just drew a picture of their relationship for Ross Matthews.  Sadly, there were no unicorns.  Or maybe that’s a good thing.


Afterwards, Jessie got the pen and drew his interpretation of how he feels for Lydia.  When asked if he scribbled a heart, he said he came up with an apple.  “Healthy living!” he explained.  Major cop-out.

In the end, there’s this statement from Allison Grodner who also has a cop-out of her own.  Asked about rooting for a certain houseguests, she said she was rooting for great stories instead.  Makes one wonder what really happened with Big Brother 11.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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