Last week was a pretty strong first week on The Biggest Loser, both in tearjerkers and in scary stuff.  Yep, I’m referring to Tracey being brought to the hospital–and having to stay there–after collapsing in the challenge due to the heat.

Well, this season is about second chances, after all, so take heart in the fact that she gets better and will be able to return to the ranch in tonight’s episode.  Oh, yes.  Mo can’t weigh in alone, surely.

Last week saw college kid Alexandra eliminated, and tonight, one more will find his way back home–provided that Alison Sweeney doesn’t get her way.  You see, the second week is always one of the hardest weeks for contestants to lose weight, so Alison will have a proposition for everyone in the ranch: if they lose a certain amount of weight, they all stay for another week.  If one misses, two players will be sent home.

Looks like double the work for Bob and Jillian.

Also tonight, the contestants pay a visit to chef Curtis Stone for another “kitchen boot camp”, plus everyone’s balancing skills get tested, and everyone’s nails get bitten–I mean the weigh-in.  The Biggest Loser airs tonight from 8pm on NBC.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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