One of the more surprising jury votes this season was Jessie’s, who we were sure would vote for Natalie because of his personal relationship with her in the house.  However, the Hulk has made it clear that he has more respect for those who fight their own battles.  As we know, that wasn’t the strategy of the Big Brother runner-up (wow, I couldn’t even bring myself to call her that).

CBS caught up with Jessie Godderz during the series after party and had him explain why exactly he voted for Jordan to win this season.  The two never really liked each other, which is why we were shocked by his decision.

“I’m happy Jordan won,” Jessie began the interview.  “Congratulations to Jordan!”  He even said he finally agreed with America on something at last.

Explaining why he didn’t vote for Natalie in the end, Jessie announced:  “I went in the house respecting people that were gonna win.  I wanted to surround myself with people that were planning on winning because if not, when push came to shove, if you don’t plan on wnning the week that I just won when I won HoH, you have no relevance to me whatsoever.”

He then went on to tell us that he soon got sick of Natalie telling him that she planned on winning over and over, but didn’t follow through.  “She dug her own grave, dug her own hole and jumped in it,” Jessie said.  “She wanted to piggyback off everybody else to success and then win afterwards.”

It was simply her strategy that Jessie couldn’t accept, which is why his respect stays with Jordan.  “To me I can respect a winner – Jordan won twice,” he explained.  “That’s pretty much why I voted for Jordan.”

Well, I suppose we can’t really needle him about being jealous of Natalie’s engagement, and he probably isn’t that devastated too.  Jessie’s lost most of his respect for the girl because of what she did in the game, which is why he might just stick to Lydia after all this.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, On the Flix
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Maria Gonzalez

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