This is easily the best Big Brother HoH competition of all-time.  It’s another endurance bout where the four HGs run across a slippery surface to deposit a small amount of liquid into a giant bowl to get the marshmallow out.  It’s a classic, one that always provides plenty of entertainment.

Sadly, we won’t be entertained until Sunday night.  But if you can’t wait until then to follow the action and find out who wins, we have our play-by-play below.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the results of the Big Brother 11 HoH competition.

Fresh from Russell’s eviction, life in the house goes on. While they won’t be toasting to the guy the way Jessie’s girls did for the Abominable Hulk, the remaining HGs have their own mugs to raise. The Cocoa Challenge is on!

Kevin’s speeding straight ahead and Michele’s in second place. Jordan’s scrambling, while Natalie lost her mug and dropped a whiny little F-bomb. She fell, we laugh and she can’t find her cup.

Chocoholic viewers are jealous right now, as Jordan comments on how the chocolate tastes like Hershey’s. She starts to slip a bit, and Jeff’s probably enjoying the view. Kevin’s still leading with Michele not far behind. Trivia follows suit, and I boo at the screen.

The competition seems to be a Kevin-fest. Since he hasn’t won anything in the whole competition (but he was oh-so-close with the can game), he has to step it up and prove himself. His bowl’s half-full! Oh wait, I’m a pessimist. Half-empty!

Natalie’s failing and my schadenfreude has gone off to overdrive. She even tries to ask Kevin for advice and he doesn’t help her. Take that, you little liar. The Blackanese dude is dead focused. He could make a lot of countries proud if he wins this.

Wait, Natalie’s limping. I don’t even feel bad for laughing at her. Jeff tries to boost their spirits by cheering them up, but it’s a blatant insult. “Natalie, you’re rocking it!” he says. Riiiight.

Kevin’s strategy of light steps is winning over Michele’s slides. Oops! There’s a fall from Jordan.

Natalie has given it up, laying all her hopes on Kevin. For a self-proclaimed competitive player, she sure doesn’t show it. “Keep it going Kev, keep it going. Michele’s right behind you. Keep it going!” she cheers. She obviously doesn’t take her own advice. Where are those Tae Kwon Do skills when you need them?

Kevin’s still in the lead, followed by Michele, then Jordan. We can probably forget about Natalie for now. The Blackanese Master has about a third of his bowl filled and Michele’s got half. Jeff, meanwhile, keeps complaining that he has to pee. It’s going to be hard seeing all that cocoa being poured and poured and poured.

A fall from Michele! This is really Kevin’s competition. Natalie even comments that it’s like the guy does it in his sleep. He hasn’t slipped once! What mysterious powers could he possibly have? Does he have Gravity on his side? Is he the next HoH?

For every fill Michele has on her bowl, Kevin takes two. Well, it looks like the HoH medal has his name on it already. Watch out, Jeff. Michele’s still on second place while Jordan’s catching up. Oh, Natalie’s still playing? I thought she drowned in her bowl. Then again, there wasn’t enough cocoa in it to even wade in.

Michele takes another fall as Jeff tells her not to worry about it. Kevin’s staying steady and we get pants falling down then fish.

Back and not much has changed. Kevin’s still a few inches away from victory. Well, he’ll be even closer to being HoH if Natalie shuts up. She’s making him lose his focus! His bowl’s far more filled than Michele’s, so it’s starting to look like the win’s a given. It’s going to be tough for the PhD to catch up now.

Natalie just dropped her cup into the cocoa bowl! Her accident begets more, as Jordan falls down really hard and yells, “Ow! My boob!” Jeff then asks if she popped it as Michele checks if she’s okay. Jordan thinks she’ll have bruises tomorrow, but other than that she’s fine and the cocoa conduits continue.

The unusually silent Kevin is still running around and taking the lead, and Michele’s still in second place. But unless the Blackanese guy literally breaks a leg, she won’t be able to top him.

There’s another cup lost for Natalie, and she blames the cocoa. Heeeey, don’t blame the chocolate!

Jordan starts to limp, as she and Michele complain about the pain in their knees. After that we get chocolate rain! Yay! That’s like some freak global warming accident.

Natalie and Jordan are giving up, but the PhD still won’t let Kevin win it. It’s like she’s avenging her short-lived HoH term.

Kevin’s centimeters away from his marshmallow, and well, it’s obvious now. Bring forth that HoH medal, Jeff.

It’s fish on the feeds, but we’re pretty sure Kevin has the win. Ten minutes later and there’s still no confirmation. Who needs that anyway? The proof’s already in that happy bowl of cocoa.

Finally! The live feeds have been resurrected and we have the news. Celebrating his victory and gripping that HoH key tight is Kevin, the new Head of Household.

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-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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