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Another Hg gets evicted on Big Brother 11, and we’re down to the Final Five, which always makes me think of Cylons.  This season Jordan and Lydia are certainly under suspicion of being robots with many copies.

Once again on Big Brother 11, someone gets backdoored, and in many ways, it was inevitable.  All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.  So say we all!

Ax expected, Mount Russell erupts following his backdoor nomination.  I’m about to do the same thing if Kevin and Natalie keep acting like they tricked Jeff into doing something he didn’t want to do, because he totally wanted to get Russell out.

Making matters worse is that Kevin and Natalie think they have an advantage in the next Hoh competition against Michele and Jordan.  Sorry, but that battle is a four-way tie for the weakest, most worthless competitor in this game.

The smoke billows from Russell’s head and then, adding insult to the injury, Jeff pokes the bear.  Jeff points out that he did something that was smart for him, so Russell threatens him with physical violence.

It’s just a televised pissing contest between two alpha males, so Natalie brings Jordan outside to toss some gas on this fire.

Jeff idiotically repeats the phrase “You got got” while Russell continues to promise Jeff a free ass-whooping outside the house.  Ok, enough already, I get it, you both have massive inferiority complexes that probably stem from their shortcomings.

After the fight, Kevin considers not evicting Russell, if only because that would totally piss Jeff off and, if there are two big bears attacking each other, the tiny gerbil can maybe survive and squeak by.  It’s not the worst idea ever.

Then we get Jeff vs. Russell, Round 2, where Russell baits Jordan by calling her fat and gets her to curse and threaten to fight him.  Ugh, Russell really is terrible, because it’s obvious he doesn’t mean a damn thing he says and he’s just trying to rile everyone up.  It’s obnoxious and not a very good strategy.

In many ways, Russell is even worse than Chima, because at least her craziness was genuine.  His uncontrollable rage is all staged.

Jury House Time!  First, Jessie says the following: “I’m getting ridiculously jacked and tanned…again.”  So clearly being evicted didn’t break his douche bone.  Worse yet, he repeats the phrase later.

Lydia shows up and calls Jessie a “jerkopotamus,” stealing Casey’s classic line for Ronnie of “dorkopotamus.”  He doesn’t care, but suddenly he’s a little more interested when he learns Chima was asked to leave.  After seeing everything, Jessie admits that Jeff has such mad skillz that he would probably vote for him to win if Jeff makes the finale.

Live Eviction Vote! Natalie’s speech is odd because she thanks CBS, which could be a first.  Then she thanks everyone in advance for keeping her in the house.  Russell is overly gracious, acknowledging that this was a game and all his verbal assaults were just strategy and he has nothing but love for everyone.  This is very odd, and kind of cool that both nominees are so self-aware.

Jordan votes to evict…RUSSELL.
Kevin votes to evict…RUSSELL.
Michele votes to evict…RUSSELL.

Russel is evicted!

And it has to hurt, because strangely enough, this is the first unanimous eviction of Big Brother 11.

Julie tries to trick them during the announce by saying “Natalie…you are safe.”  Luckily she can blame pregnancy hormones for making her so catty.  Russell exits with class, hugging everyone, Jeff included.  Outside, he tells Julie he planned to stay true to the final four alliance.  Much like Jessie, Russell also admits that backdooring him was the smartest move Jeff could’ve made.

Right now, if Jeff makes the finale, he is guaranteed to win, so even Jordan would be an idiot to stay by him to the end.

HoH Competition!  It’s the classic competition where the HGs run across a slippery surface to fill a giant bowl with hot cocoa so the floating marshmallow comes out the top.

And you guess right…ANOTHER endurance competition.  For the third time this season, we’re heading into overtime for the HoH competition.  Follow BuddyTV all night long as we’ll follow the competition.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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