For the fourth week in a row, Big Brother 11 is all about whatJeff wants.  He already used the Coup d’Etat and handed Jordan the lastHoH, and now this week he’s the HoH and he won the Power of Veto in thedumbest competition ever featuring Otev the Rapping Ape (voiced byCasey the Banana Man).

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?  It certainly does on Big Brother 11,because Jeff, in a moment of infinite wisdom, took Kevin off the blockand initiated a plan to backdoor Russell.  Just like Judas and Brutus,he turned on his friend and nominated Russell.

I honestly think it was a good decision, but the one reason I hate it is that Kevin and Natalie have this false sense of accomplishment that they tricked Jeff into doing what they wanted.  That’s blatantly false, as Jeff is only doing this because it actually is the best move for him.

It also wasn’t that shocking since Jeff has said all week long that he wanted to do this, so the waiting was the only exciting part.  While Russell was suffering Jessie-level paranoia, he also saw it coming and threatened to out-Chima Chima in terms of explosive blow-ups.  In other words, this Thursday’s episode is going to be freaking kick-ass.

But before those fireworks, Jeff was blowing up in his own way.  The pressure got to him, and Jeff began yelling at Jordan for not taking the game seriously enough.  Since he can’t compete for the next HoH, all his eggs are in Jordan’s basket, and he’s not dumb enough to think that’s a good idea.

Jeff yelling at Jordan is awesome for two reasons.  First, it shows he doesn’t really care about her and he’s only worried about staying in the game.  Second, it makes Jordan look like a victim, which I’m starting to think she isn’t.

I had a dream last night that Jordan made the finale, and in her speech, she suddenly broke into a proper British accent and revealed she’s a Harvard Ph.D. student of human psychology.  Sure, it probably won’t happen, but she’s definitely craftier than she looks.  While she and Jeff argued, she saw Michele was about to enter the HoH, so she told him to be quiet and then started playing the victim to earn Michele’s sympathy.

Yes, Jordan is somehow secretly playing everyone and acting weak and dumb to fool them all.  Either that, or watching Big Brother 11 has made me so crazy that I’m seeing hidden agendas where there are none.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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