Did Alizma blow it or what? Last night on America’s Got Talent, triplet violinist act turned sexed-up strippers Alizma decided to ignore judge Piers Morgan’s advice and sing their hearts out. As a result, three girls, three buzzers. From promising to preposterous, Alizma violated a card rule on America’s Got Talent: if something’s working, don’t change it. You can improve on it, but don’t change it.

During their first America’s Got Talent auditions, Alizma was an adorable bunch; talkative and sometimes their high-pitched voices and bickering got a little annoying, but you forgive them because they were blonde and pretty and adorable and came in three. In fact, the second they stepped into the stage, the Polish triplets got generous hoots from David Hasselhoff and the audience. When they started answering the judges’ questions, they became even more endearing. And guess what: they’re actually talented.

What happened on quarterfinals night, I’m not so sure. Piers warned nicely enough: “They’ve got the looks, they’ve got the violin talent. Just one big problem: they can’t sing. They sing tonight, this can be a train wreck.” On that stage, however, things were different. From immaculately dressed blonde triplets who played gorgeous violin, Alizma transformed to an act with boots with animal prints doing gyrations on stage that nearly gave Sharon Osbourne a coronary. They also – very unwisely – ditched their violins for the good first two minutes of their performance.

“We love being sexy. That’s just one of our colors. We love sexy!” one of them said to answer Sharon. “Strippers on acid,” the Hoff summed up right after. But wait, didn’t he advise the girls to keep singing?

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: NBC
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Glenn Diaz

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