She may have placed third on Project Runway season five, but that didn’t keep her out of bars.  Kenley Collins spent two days in jail for her cat-flinging antics and yet she’s still determined to maintain a career in fashion.  Well, at 26 years old, she’s bound to come around some time.

Talking to the Daily Beast about her upcoming plans and her prison past with an ex-boyfriend, Kenley can’t help but stay optimistic.  “Jail inspired me!” she admitted.  “It made me appreciate freedom.”

Collins was ordered by a judge to stay away from her ex, Zak Penley, for two years due to her misconduct.  Now that she’s out though, she didn’t have to think twice about settling her priorities.  She’ll stay away from crazy kitty romances and stay true to fashion.

“As soon as I got out I made a kick-ass line and did a photo shoot with 10 of my pieces,” Kenley said.  “Everyone kept saying I put new meaning in the phrase ‘pussy-whipped.'”

You can’t deny that the girl’s got talent, since she managed to get on Project Runway quick and easy.  But when she got booted out of the show, Kenley Collins didn’t think there’d be more offers to come her way.  She was asked to do some reality shows, most of them related to that incident which sent her behind bars.  Still, she refused to do any of them.

“I mean, they most likely would have named it something like, Sew in Love,” she joked.

Again, it’s fashion that’s going to be her focus now.  Kenley’s been busy designing a line, not really inspired by her time in prison but by Amelia Earhart.  “The entire collection is silk, but I wanted to make it affordable, you know–for the recession and all.”  There’s around 15 pieces in her new collection, all produced by Kenley and her team.

“I’m just not going to mess around,” she swore.  “I’m going to do it, and do it with awareness.  I don’t want anything to be a waste.”

Kenley exclaimed, “I mean, life is fun.”  We’d agree too, now let’s see if the cats have anything to say about it.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Daily Beast
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