America’s Best Dance Crew reached a fitting conclusion last week as Super Cr3w took the title. The judges said Super Cr3w was the favorite for most of the season, and in the end, America agreed. Now on tap for the winners will be an MTV special this weekend in which they’ll dance with season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ. They’re also prepping for the America’s Best Dance Crew live tour while still under the daze of winning.

BuddyTV spoke to the guys from Super Cr3w about their win, their dangerous routines, their favorite competitors, their plans for the tour and how they really feel about JabbaWockeeZ. Continue reading to listen to Super Cr3w or to read the highlights of the interview.

-Super Cr3w felt like they were the favorites from episode 1, but being in the bottom 2 three times shook their confidence. Even more worrisome was that they were in the bottom against A.S.I.I.D., Supreme Soul and Fanny Pak, who they deemed their hardest competition. In the end they were relieved and excited to win, and still get a bit of a shock every time they see the trophy.

-The West coast was very close, as Super Cr3w recognizes Supreme Soul and Fanny Pak as the two crews they most admired in the competition. As such, the opportunity to dance with them both during the finale was one of the season’s high points for Super Cr3w.

-Though the final line-up and performance list for the tour isn’t complete, Super Cr3w is expecting to take several of their most famous routines and flesh them out even more, including the ninja towers, Superman and the basketball court. Not only will fans see longer versions of those classic routines, but they may even try to incorporate other touring crews into them.

-Finally, this Saturday at 1pm on MTV, America’s Best Dance Crew will feature a special episode in which five crews from the first two seasons perform routines based on the nominees for this year’s Video Music Awards. An extra routine will have Super Cr3w and JabbaWockeeZ dancing together to “We are the Champions.” Though some might think a rivalry would brew between these two winners, Super Cr3w had nothing but kind words for the season 1 winners. In fact, the two gel so well in performance that they’ve taken to calling themselves SuperWockeeZ. However, we here at BuddyTV would prefer JabbaCr3w.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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