Ana Lucia was easily one of the most divisive characters in Lost‘s history.  After the Tailies crashed on the island in season 2, fans thought that the tough Los Angeles cop might be paired up with Jack due to their flirtatious interaction in the season 1 finale.  However, that relationship ended up going nowhere.  Just like the islanders themselves, not many fans warmed up to Ana Lucia.  Most found her to be sullen and obnoxious, and the fact that she accidentally killed Shannon certainly didn’t help matters.  When Michael ended up murdering the character at the end of season 2, few fans felt the need to mourn for her loss or the absence of Michelle Rodriguez.

No matter how you feel about Ana Lucia, there’s no denying that she’s an important piece of Lost‘s history.  The producers must think so too, as Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the character will be returning for one episode in season 5.

Ausiello doesn’t offer many details about Rodriguez’s return, but it does look like she’ll be appearing in the second episode of the new season.  That episode also happens to feature Cheech Marin, who plays Hurley’s father on the series.  Given that tiny bit of info, we can probably assume that episode two will be Hurley-centric.  What could possibly bring Ana Lucia into Hurley’s life?

The most obvious way for the character to return would be as a hallucination / island manifestation.  Hurley has already hung out with dead Charlie and played chess with Mr. Eko, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him share some Oreos with Ana Lucia.  Of course, if any of the Tailies were going to appear to Hurley it’d make more sense for it to be Libby.  She’d certainly have plenty of time now that she’s done haunting Michael.

If Ana Lucia doesn’t appear as a hallucination, she could be appearing in a flashback, assuming those will still exist in Lost‘s new season.  Maybe we’ll discover she has some sort of connection to one of the freighter folk that we weren’t aware of.  Is it possible that she busted Miles for scamming people, or threw Faraday in the drunk tank on one wild night?

I have no idea how Ana Lucia will fit into the story, but I’m thrilled to have her back, if only for one episode.  I may be in the minority, but I really enjoyed the character and the toughness Rodriguez brought to the role.  Let’s just hope the actress doesn’t drink and drive during her short stint in Hawaii.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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