The result of Big Brother 10 might hinge on who wins the Head of Household this Thursday.  There are two strong-ish alliances right now (Ollie-April-Jerry and Dan-Memphis-Keesha) with two free agents (Renny and Michelle) roaming the house.  Depending on who wins the Head of Household, those free agents will probably choose a side or be forced to take one.  Ollie will likely find himself alone next week, and he can either play the game and change or crawl into his turtle shell and mourn his true love’s departure.  Tonight’s Big Brother episode sealed the fate of one houseguest, as the Power of Veto was not used. 

Poor, Sad April

April gets nominated, and she’s sad.  Or, maybe she’s just acting.  Or, maybe she really is sad but also wants the other houseguests to know she’s sad.  She and Ollie spend a lot of alone time during the episode, whispering to each other, trying to build each other up in the face of adversity.  She attempts to fight for her life, especially later in the episode, but she doesn’t have much to offer except a gold bar.  It’s a sad episode for our dear April. 

A Scary Veto

The Power of Veto competition is a rare night version.  The players for the competition are Renny, Jerry, April, Keesha, Dan and Ollie.  Michelle is the host.  The houseguests walk into the backyard, and it’s filled with a plethora of typical haunted house fare.  There are mummies, voodoo dolls, cockroaches, a python, etc.  The players were given five minutes to study their surroundings.  After the five minutes, each player took their spot behind a podium, and Michelle began asking questions.  Each question asked for an amount (for example, “How many needles total are on the voodoo dolls?”).  The players write down their guesses on a chalkboard, and after everyone announces their guess, the players have the option to Stay or Fold.  If they fold, they don’t have the chance to win a point.  If they stay, the person closest to the actual amount wins a point.  If they stay and are the furthest away from the amount, they are eliminated from the game.  Jerry ended up winning the first two points, but Dan ultimately came back to win.  Dan, Keesha and Memphis rejoice.

Can Renny be Trusted?

Memphis, Dan and Keesha, from the moment the episode began, are upset that Renny nominated Jerry instead of Ollie.  They think that Renny has made a deal with Ollie.  Renny is upfront about this – she hasn’t made a deal, but she genuinely likes Ollie.  That’s not good enough for the trio, who are wary of Renny in general after her dealings with Ollie.  Dan even considers using the veto on Jerry to try and get Ollie on the block.  However, Dan can’t get any information or guarantees out of Renny.

One More Anti-Climax

Dan opts not to use the Power of Veto.  April and Jerry remain on the block. 

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