Big Brother 10 concluded proving that no matter what you do throughout the season, in the end good game play really is the best way to win the jury’s heart.  And so it wrapped up just as it should have, with Dan, the best player in the house, taking home the $500,000 prize.

Big Brother 10 had more to offer than just Dan. Looking back on the season, we came across some colorful personalities, including Jerry, who joined Big Brother as his “last hurrah.”  The old man wasn’t really a great social player but he entertained us with quite a few of his antics and was able to reach the final 3.  Sneeze and booger, anyone?  There’s also Ollie and April, who added a whole new level to the word “showmance,” Renny, who humored viewers by showing off her impersonation skills, and Libra, who smothered the house with her motherly instinct.  These are just a few of the 13 houseguests that entered the Big Brother house this season.  But since season 10 has been tagged as the season of the Renegades, I’d like to focus this review on Dan.

So how did Dan become one of the great all-time players of Big Brother?

Dan’s Big Brother journey started on thin ice.  He was good friends with Brian, who became the first houseguest evicted.  Because of his alliance with Brian, he was nominated by Jessie in week 2 but survived the eviction.  Then he took the offer as he was voted as America’s Player in week 4 for the chance at $20,000.  As America’s Player, he was tasked to get Jessie nominated, hug Jessie for 10 seconds, and vote for Jessie in the eviction ceremony.  Luckily, he succeeded in all three.

Despite constant attacks from Jerry, who referred to Dan as Judas and accused him of “hiding behind his cross,” Dan was able to focus on his game play and by week 6, won the Power of Veto (PoV).  Subsequently, he won Head of Household (HoH) and nominated Michelle as a replacement when Memphis took himself off the block, after turning on a deal made with Ollie, who then trashed items in the house and directed homophobic slurs toward Dan and Memphis.

During the double eviction episode, Dan won PoV but opted not to use it on either Jerry or Ollie who were nominated at the time.  The following week, however, Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha for eviction but Dan was able to survive it yet again as Memphis won PoV and used it on Dan.  Jerry replaced Dan with Renny, who was sent home that week.

By week 9, Dan won HoH again, making him the third person to win HoH twice.  Moreover, he won the luxury competition in which he opted to take a jury member he most grievously wronged in the form of Michelle, rather than a houseguest.  This was a very good move since it gave him the opportunity to sway her vote.  Afterwards, Dan won the final HoH, becoming the first person in season 10 to win the position three times.  He forged a solid alliance with Memphis, whom he took to the finale.

Dan took risks and got sympathy to come his way, and in the end, became the only winner in Big Brother history to win by a unanimous vote.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV