This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a look at the greatest ways movie characters have shown their love throughout the years.

#50 Good Will Hunting

1997 – Will (Matt Damon) leaves Sean (Robin Williams) a letter that says “If the professor calls about that job, just tell him ‘sorry, I had to go see about a girl.'” in reference to him leaving to find Skylar (Minnie Driver).


#49 Romeo + Juliet

1996 – Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) scales the walls of Capulet’s house in order to climb the trellis of Juliet’s (Claire Danes) balcony to confess his love.


#48 Imagine Me & You

2005 – Rachel (Piper Perabo) stands on the rooftop of her car in the middle of London traffic in order to confess her love to Luce (Lena Headey).


#47 Grease

1978 – Danny (John Travolta) dresses up preppy in order to impress Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) at the end of the year carnival.


#46 Forgetting Sarah Marshall

2008 – Peter (Jason Segel) takes down the picture of Rachel (Mila Kunis) in order to protect her honor even though he knows he’ll be beat up.


#45 Only You

1994 – Faith (Marisa Tomei) convinces the Italian airport security to stop a plane from taking off so that she can get on and confess her love to Peter (Robert Downey Jr.).


#44 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

1961 – After Holly (Audrey Hepburn) throws her cat out of the cab and breaks things off with Paul (George Peppard), he runs after the cat anyways because he knows how important it was to her.


#43 While You Were Sleeping

1995 – Lucy (Sandra Bullock) calls off her wedding to Peter (Peter Gallagher), risking the family she’s grown to love, in order to declare her love for his brother, Jack (Bill Pullman).


#42 Before Sunrise

1995 – Jesse (Ethan Hawke) convinces Celine (Julie Delpy) to get off the train with him and spend a romantic evening together.


#41 Once

2006 – Glen Hansard buys Markéta Irglová a piano before he leaves her and her husband in order to find his other true love.


#40 Sixteen Candles

1984 – Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling) gives Sam (Molly Ringwald) a birthday cake because everyone forgot her birthday.


#39 Never Been Kissed

1999 – Josie (Drew Barrymore) writes an article confessing her love for Sam (Michael Vartan) and says she’s going to wait for him on the pitcher’s mound for her first kiss.


#38 Beauty and the Beast

1991 – The Beast gives his library to Belle simply because he wants to see her happy.


#37 Harold and Maude

1971 – After Maude (Ruth Gordon) dies, Harold (Bud Cort) pushes his hearse off a cliff symbolically fulfilling Maude’s dying wish that he finally enjoy life.


#36 The African Queen

1951 – Charlie (Humphrey Bogart) asks the captain of the Louisa to marry him and Rose (Katharine Hepburn) before they are hung because he knows how important it is to her.


#35 10 Things I Hate About You

1999 – Patrick (Heath Ledger) commandeers the school’s sound system and enlists the help of the marching band in order to serenade Kat (Julia Stiles) to “Can’t Take my Eyes off of you.”


#34 When Harry Met Sally

1989 – Harry (Billy Crystal) races to find Sally (Meg Ryan) on New Years to tell her that he’s realized he loves her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


#33 Wedding Crashers

2005 – John (Owen Wilson) interrupts Jeremy’s (Vince Vaughn) wedding in order to apologize to Claire (Rachel McAdama) for lying to her, pronounce his love and ask her not to marry her fiance.


#32 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2003 – Sam (Sean Astin) carries Frodo (Elijah Wood) up Mount Doom after he can no longer carry himself.


#31 Shakespeare in Love

1998 – Will (Joseph Fiennes) writes his next play, ‘Twelfth Night’, in memory of Viola (Gweneth Paltrow).


#30 Amélie

2001 – Amélie (Audrey Tautou) sets up a wild goose chase for her beloved Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz) all through Paris.


#29 Across the Universe

2007 – After the cops have already shut down the rooftop concert, Jude (Jim Sturgess) starts singing “All You Need is Love” in order to tell Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) that he has come back for her.


#28 Moulin Rouge

2001 – As Christian (Ewan McGregor) turns away, believing that Satine (Nicole Kidman) does not love him, she starts to sing their song in the middle of the performance to confess her true feelings.


#27 Dirty Dancing

1987 – Johnny (Patrick Swayze) returns to his previous place of employment in order to tell everyone about the woman who changed his life (Jennifer Grey) in the famous “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” scene.


#26 Meet Joe Black

1998 – Death (Brad Pitt) brings back the man whose life he took so that Susan (Claire Forlani) might be able to fall in love with him.


#25 Juno

2007 – Juno (Ellen Page) finally realizes that she’s in love with Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), so she fills his mailbox with his favorite candy: orange Tic-Tacs.


#24 Roman Holiday

1953 – After their torrid love affair, Joe (Gregory Peck) gives up his big news story to protect Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) whom he’s fallen in love but could never be with.


#23 P.S. I Love You

2007 – Gerry (Gerard Butler) leaves his widowed wife Holly (Hilary Swank) ten messages to remind her who she is without him and to remind her “P.S. I Love You.”


#22 A Walk to Remember

2002 – As he slowly helps her cross off all the items on her list, Landon (Shane West) builds a telescope for Jamie (Mandy Moore) so that she can be closer to the stars.


#21 Slumdog Millionaire

2008 – Jamal (Dev Patel) joins a game show in order to find the woman of his dreams, Latika (Freida Pinto).


#20 The Graduate

1967 – Ben (Dustin Hoffman) interrupts Elaine’s (Katharine Ross) wedding and fends off the guests with a cross in order to save her from her bourgeois life.


#19 Notting Hill

1999 – Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) buys William (Hugh Grant) the original of a Chagall painting he had hanging in his flat and says to him, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”


#18 Ghost

1990 – Sam’s (Patrick Swayze) ghost tries everything in his power to save his girlfriend Molly (Demi Moore).


#17 Rushmore

1998 – Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is expelled after trying to build an aquarium for the woman he’s in love with – his school’s news first grade teacher Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams).


#16 Titanic

1997 – Rose (Kate Winslet) jumps from the safety of her lifeboat in order to rejoin Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the sinking ship because, as she says, “You jump, I jump, remember?”


#15 What Dreams May Come

1998 – After dying, Chris (Robin Williams) travels through Heaven and Hell in order to rescue Annie (Annabella Sciorra), his wife who had committed suicide.


#14 Love Actually

2003 – Jamie (Colin Firth) learns Portuguese in order to propose to Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz), who coincidentally also learned English for Jamie.


#13 The Wedding Singer

1998 – Robbie (Adam Sandler) boards a plane and enlists the help of Billy Idol in order to serenade Julia (Drew Barrymore) with his heartfelt song “Growing Old With You.”


#12 The Princess Bride

1987 – Westley (Cary Elwes) storms the castle and outsmarts Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon) in order to run away with his true love, Buttercup (Robin Wright Penn).


#11 City of Angels

1998 – Seth (Nicolas Cage) gives up immortality and his status as an angel in order to be with Maggie (Meg Ryan).


#10 Twilight

2008 – Edward (Robert Pattinson) saves Bella (Kristen Stewart) from a runaway van, putting himself and his family in danger of being discovered for what they are.


#9 The Notebook

2004 – Noah (Ryan Gosling) builds Allie (Rachel McAdams) the house of her dreams years after they parted ways in the hopes that it would somehow bring her back to him.


#8 Say Anything…

1989 – Lloyd (John Cusack) stands outside Diane’s (Ione Skye) window with a boombox over his head blaring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” in declaration of his love for her.



2008 – Wall-E goes to the ends of the Earth and beyond (literally) to defend a cause he doesn’t understand simply because he is in love.


#6 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2003 – Arwen (Liv Tyler) decides to stay in Middle-Earth and accept the Doom of Men and die in order to marry her beloved Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen).


#5 City Lights

1931 – The Tramp (Charles Chaplin) does everything in his power to help the blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) that he has fallen in love even though she doesn’t know his true identity.


#4 Big Fish

2003 – Ed Bloom (Ewan McGregor) fills Sandra’s (Alison Lohman) sorority’s lawn with daffodils because he knows how much she loves them.


#3 Love Actually

2003 – Mark (Andrew Lincoln) comes to Juliet’s (Keira Knightley) doorstep with cue cards professing his love for her – without hope or agenda.


#2 Pride & Prejudice

2005 – Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) pays for Lydia’s (Jena Malone) dowry so that the woman he loves, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) and her family won’t be shamed by the scandal.


#1 Casablanca

1942 – Rick (Humphry Bogart) risks his life to arrange an escape from Casablanca for Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and her husband. After the fiasco, Rick has to leave the city he’s grown to love because he shot Major Strasser to protect the plane’s takeoff.