In the pilot episode of No Tomorrow, we met Evie (Tori Anderson). Right off the bat, we can see that she lives life a little safely, she’s very organized and slightly awkward. Actually, very awkward, but her awkwardness is riddled with charm. Here are 13 times she was so awkward in the series premiere that it was actually charming.

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1. Her Morning Pep Talk

NoTomorrow101-Pep Talk.jpg Evie’s morning pep talk at the office isn’t usually met with the same enthusiasm that she has. It was cute to see her try and pump up the team and then also awkwardly tell them to make sure they’re being careful. As Kareema sarcastically puts it, it was inspiring.

2. Xavier with an X

NoTomorrow101-XavierXX.jpg When she tells Hank and Kareema about her encounter upon first meeting Xavier, she makes special mention of how he introduced himself. He called himself “Xavier with an X,” which she took to mean he was telling her that he was single. Once again, Kareema brought her back to reality by having to tell her he was just telling her how to spell his name.

3. Doin’ Her Thang

NoTomorrow101-Thang.jpg Twice in the episode, Evie says, “I’m just doin’ my thang” when trying to sound cool and super chill. Normally, twice would be two times too many for anyone to use this expression, but because Evie is so the opposite of chill, it comes off really awkward and hilarious. Here’s to hoping this becomes some sort of terrible catchphrase for her when she’s feeling awkward.

4. So You Like Whitesnake?

NoTomorrow101-Whitesnake.jpg When Evie goes to Xavier’s house and he asks her if she likes Whitesnake, her face lights up in such a funny way. She can’t believe what fate this is, how could he possibly know what her favorite band is? He then has to tell her that she’s wearing a shirt with a giant Whitesnake logo.

5. What She Wants to Stop Doing

NoTomorrow101-NoBra.jpg Xavier asks Evie what the first thing she’d stop doing (if she could) would be. Without hesitation, she goes to “wearing a bra,” which catches Xavier a little off guard. As she thinks more about it, she jumps to waxing her “legs, eyebrows, vagina, everything.”

6. Realizing She’s Hot Rutabaga Girl

NoTomorrow101-Rutabega.jpg Evie was very interested reading Xavier’s apoca-list and all of the things he wants to do and already has done. It’s incredibly sweet how surprised, flattered and embarrassed she gets when she read “get to know the hot rutabaga girl” and realizes that’s her.

7. Heavy Evie

NoTomorrow101-Heavy.jpg This flashback scene of young Evie singing during a school play was priceless. Not only does the little girl have the same awkward posture that grownup Evie walks with, but when she starts singing aloud, she immediately hurls, earning the nickname, “Heavy Evie”.

8. Her General Stance

NoTomorrow101-Stance.jpg No matter what is going on or where she is, Evie stands so awkwardly. Her head is always slouched a little on her neck, one arm is awkwardly across and barely touching the other one, her eyebrows are slightly raised and her mouth a little ajar. She is a walking example of awkwardly adorable.

9. What She’s Always Wanted to Do

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.43.37 AM.jpg Xavier asks Evie to think of some huge things she’s always wanted to do. She has a thought. Something “huge” that she’s clearly thought of before. Not skydiving. Not climbing Mount Everest. Microwaving foil to see what happens.

10. Getting Up on Stage to Sing

NoTomorrow101-Sing.jpg Evie has always wanted to sing in public but never had the guts to. Xavier put her on the spot at a karaoke bar, and she very quietly started singing “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake. Xavier then starts stripping in front of everyone, saying he’ll only stop when she actually sings. She then belts out the song beautifully.

11. Trying to Throw a Drink in Xavier’s Face

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.49.23 AM.jpg After finding out that Xavier sent a nasty email from Evie’s phone to her boss, resigning for her, Evie is furious. She goes for the classic barroom TV scene and grabs a drink off the bar to throw in his face. With Evie’s awkward luck, the glass is empty. She doesn’t see that, and tries anyway.

12. Throwing out the Pogo Stick

NoTomorrow101-Pogo.jpg Xavier tries to make up for the letter he sent Evie’s boss by getting her a pogo stick (another thing she’s wanted to try). She’s still pissed at him, and in a performance to show this, indignantly tosses the pogo stick in the dumpster. Since it’s a pogo stick, it bounces right out.

13. Her Love of Lists

NoTomorrow101-Lists.jpg After Evie gets released from the hospital, she goes to tell Xavier off and let him know that she’s in charge of her own life. She will choose the risks she takes. He’s pleased to see that she’s made a list like his and Evie furiously responds by saying, “I happen to love lists!” which after learning as much as we have about her, is no surprise at all.

What was your favorite awkward Evie moment from the premiere? Let us know in the comments below!

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