Streaming platforms like Hulu, Apple TV Plus, and Netflix are constantly offering exciting new shows to keep us entertained. However, choosing what to watch next can be overwhelming with the abundance of options available. Fear not, as we’ve done the work for you!

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Here’s a specially curated list of the 10 best new TV shows to stream this November. From gripping dramas to thrilling adventures, there is something for everyone in this lineup. 

‘All the Light We Cannot See’

'All the Light We Cannot See'

“All the Light We Cannot See” is an adaptation of Anthony Doerr‘s 2014 Pulitzer-winning novel of the same title. The story is told around Marie-Laure, a blind French teenage girl hidden from the Nazis in occupied Paris while broadcasting a message of resistance. Werner, a young German radio expert, has been tasked to find and kill her. But when their paths finally collide, the unexpected happens.

The limited mini-series premieres on November 2, 2023, on Netflix.

‘The Buccaneers’

'The Buccaneers'

“The Buccaneers” is an upcoming Apple TV Plus series — an adaptation of Edith Wharton‘s novel of the same title. Inspired by the socialite Mrs. St. George (played by Christina Hendricks), a group of rich American girls embark on a trip to London in search of husbands. The plot is set in 19th century English aristocratic society. When you think of “The Buccaneers,” think of a blend of an ancient setting with a modern steaming romance undertone. Creator Katherine Jakeways might have hit a jackpot with this one.

“The Buccaneers” will premiere on November 8, 2023 on Apple TV Plus

‘For All Mankind’ (Season 4)

'For All Mankind' (Season 4)

Apple TV Plus’ “For All Mankind” enters its fourth season in the month of November. If you haven’t been following, the sci-fi drama paints an alternative narrative of the 1969 feat when the United States landed on the moon. This time, the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States sees the former beat the latter to the Moon. The space race will then go on for decades with tougher challenges and goals. The fourth installment focuses on a contrast between the two to establish a self-sustaining colony on Mars — the first of its kind.

Season 4 of “For All Mankind” will premiere on Apple TV Plus on November 10, 2023.

‘The Curse’

'The Curse'

The genre-bending drama series “The Curse” explores the life of a newly-wedded couple Asher and Whitney Siegel, whose marriage is allegedly haunted by a curse. The series follows their lives as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their home-improvement show on HGTV.

The first episode will premiere on November 12, 2023 on Paramount Plus

‘A Murder at the End of the World’

'A Murder at the End of the World'

OA co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are back at it again in this FX miniseries. Emma Corin leads the cast portraying Darby Hart, a Gen detective and hacker. Darby was invited by a billionaire to a remote retreat alongside eight other guests when one of the guests turns up dead. Time to solve the murder mystery.

“A Murder at the End of the World” will premiere on Hulu on November 14, 2023.

‘The Crown’ (Season 6, Part 1)

'The Crown' (Season 6, Part 1)

“The Crown” brings Queen Elizabeth II‘s reign into the modern era. The first part will focus more on the months leading to the tragic death of Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997. While the other part focuses on the aftermath of the death and its impact on the Queen. Season five didn’t quite cut it for many fans of the historical drama, but all indications point to an epic final showdown.

Season six is where the road ends and Netflix is splitting this into two parts, with the first part premiering on November 16, 2023.

‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

“Monarchs: Legacy of Monsters” captures the events following the clash between Godzilla and the Titans. Clearly, we have seen that monsters are real but in this action-adventure, Kurt and Wyatt Russell attempt to understand their family history. The series is shot in two different timelines — 1950s and 2010s. “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is one of the most anticipated shows of the year 2023.

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The premiere is set for November 17, 2023 on Apple TV Plus

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’

'Squid Game: The Challenge'

While we all wait for the second installment of “Squid Game,” Netflix is throwing lovers of the South Korean series something to watch in the interim. In this spinoff, 456 contestants will compete in some of the deadly schoolground games witnessed in the juggernaut South Korean drama. The contestants will jostle for a prize of $4.56m, the largest single cash winner’s prize in the history of reality TV shows. 

Will this quench the yearning of the audience for “Squid Game” season two? Perhaps not, but this sounds like something to really look out for.

The Netflix TV series will premiere on November 22, 2023 and new episodes will be released weekly. 

‘Virgin River’ (Season 5, Part 2)

'Virgin River' (Season 5, Part 2)

“Virgin River” season five, part one wrapped up in October and there were a lot of revelations and twists in the finale. There are a lot of questions on the minds of viewers like, who has been sending love letters to Mel and Joey’s mom? Who is Mel’s biological father? The popular opinion is that it could be one and the same person. These mysteries will perhaps be solved in the upcoming installment.

The part two which is set to premiere on November 30 on Netflix will involve two holiday-themed episodes, perfect way to set the tone for the festive periods.



24-year-old Obituarist Elvira Clancy loves her job but lately it’s been tough with her newspaper. Elvira’s boss informs her that they could no longer keep her on the payroll. One day, Elvira accidentally kills one of the rude people in her small-town and suddenly she comes up with the idea to kill every unpleasant resident of the town. Soon, there is a new crime correspondent in town who is good at his job. Elvira’s time might be up so soon, but the interesting twist to the story is that Elvira really likes the new correspondent.

“Obituary” will begin streaming on Hulu come November 21, 2023.

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With these 10 best new TV shows to stream in November 2023, you’ll have no shortage of captivating series to keep you entertained. Happy streaming!

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