Damien Darhk’s plan for a new world moved towards completion on Arrow Season 4 Episode 21,”Monument Point,” and Team Arrow did everything in their power to stop the nuclear armageddon. Their plan included reaching out to Felicity’s criminal father for help.

Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Monument Point.”

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“The world is facing nuclear armageddon. My pride and my general dislike for my father can take a backseat for the next 20-plus hours.”
– Felicity

Malcolm: “Woof. I know, the predictability was a terrible flaw in the design.
Thea: “Predictability is your flaw, too. Every time my life starts to suck, you show up.”

Donna: “I may not be in Mansa, but I know how to read, sweetie.”
Lance: “I think it’s Mensa actually.”

“Oliver, you’re the last person on earth to lecture someone about lying to the people they love.”
– Diggle

Donna: “It’s a– It’s a cabin in Cypress Cove we used to like to go to. We’d, you know– We’d nurse a bottle of wine, make love to Lionel Ritchie. I was his Penny Lover. You know, your father could go all night.”
Felicity: “OK. That’s enough. I don’t–“
Donna: “You know, I think you were conceived in Ravenspur.”
Felicity: “Ohh, please make it stop, please.”

arrow 421_`.jpg“Oliver, you’re the last person on earth to lecture someone about lying to the people they love.”
– Diggle

Noah: “Felicity, I may be a terrible father…”
Felicity: “May?”
Noah: “But I’m not a monster. Terrible or not, I am your father. As long as I live, I have an interest in seeing that this world doesn’t end.”

“I got fired before I could take the processor. I can’t even show my face in there. Maybe we should call in a bomb threat, just empty the place, or maybe plant an actual bomb. Just a small one, one that doesn’t hurt anybody, but we have to–“
– Felicity

Noah: “I love all this subterfuge. Might our guardian angel be the Green Arrow?”
Felicity: “This was a line item on the budget list, and it’s still not fixed, and they have the gall to fire me.”

Noah: “This is fun, working together.”
Felicity: “Let’s make this clear. This is not a father-daughter bonding exercise.”

Screenshot_14.jpgLyla: “POTUS and SECDEF have taken us to DEFCON-2.”
Diggle: “Just two? They’re optimistic.”
Lyla: “They don’t want to cause a panic. The President asked me if the fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys in Halloween costumes.”
Oliver: “They’re not Halloween costumes.”

“What is it with you? Why are you always at the mercy of some guy?”
– Lonnie Machin to Thea

Oliver: “You need to divert that missile.”
Felicity: “You are lucky that I’m too busy to come up with a witty response to that right now.”

Felicity: “How many casualties?”
Lyla: “Tens of thousands. Monument Point would have been a couple million, Felicity.”

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